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September 14, 2005

He’s No Dummy

Last night Bill brought the boys home from practice and found me in the kitchen, sobbing over a “Little House on the Prairie” re-run. It involved brown eggs, and the Ingalls’ calico dresses versus the Olsens’ fancier dresses, and inevitably, hugs all around.

Tonight Bill came home from work and found that I spent more time than I should have making the world’s most expensive and chocolately brownies. The recipe requires two packages of brownie mix, six eggs (brown or white), and three huge Symphony bars, at two dollars each.

That man knows me, and the clues I leave behind. When we got in the bed, he asked, “Do you need a back rub?”

I did. Smart man.

Posted by Anne Glamore @ 2:53 pm • Feeling Crotchety,Googly Eyes: Make Love Not War   

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9 Responses to “He’s No Dummy”

  1. I love Little House on the Prairie. The Easter episode where Laura runs away always makes me cry.

  2. Congratulations?

  3. Another post that just had to be read aloud to my husband … because he, too, is no dummy πŸ˜‰

  4. So many things went wrong at the end of that show– blindness, a lot of kids…. Is this the first post ever with “backrub,” “brownies” and the Ingalls’? I’m impressed!

  5. I just watched that same episode of “Little House” with my daughter. Followed by the one where the harvest is destroyed by a hailstorm, and Pa has to go off, looking for work. Not exactly high in the “light and cheerful” department.

    I did, however, get a huge laugh out of TVLand’s promo : “There’s somethin’ scary….on the prairie — Nellie!” I wasn’t expecting it, and it really made me smile.

    I’m sure you’re feeling better now — who *wouldn’t* be after killer brownies AND a backrub? πŸ™‚ Hope you’re better now.

  6. The man should conduct a seminar πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, Bill! My hero! Now, could he have pulled that off were it not for the birds & bees talk with Finn? PMS-deflecting vibes your way while you work hard to make those eggs, Babe.

  8. I’ve already decided to buy Little House on DVD for my baby when she’s a bit older. I loved watching the re-runs when I was little. For me, they were synonymous with sick days.

    Were the brownies worth the expense and the effort? If so, I want the recipe!

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