Boys: Demented & Dangerous

Preparing For The Enemy

The twins aren’t relaxing their guard just because school ends today. Our house is a notorious girl-haters headquarters, as least where the eight-year-olds are concerned. That doesn’t mean some pesky females and their cooties won’t sneak over and try to kiss someone. Those girls will smooch anyone, I’m told.

After school yesterday, Drew and Porter commenced the creation of a complicated defense system designed to detect and intimidate any females under age nine who cross into Glamore territory.

The boogie board is mounted on a skateboard at the rear end for maximum maneuverability. The black tubes from the leaf blower provide dual functions: they act as telescopes while simultaneously imitating the look of gun barrels aimed squarely at oncoming interlopers. Those who venture too close to the mighty defenders will be caught in the basketball net and thrown in the trash can.
Here’s a look at the duo manning their battle stations.


Girls, all this may look like a ladder and some crap from the garage to you. If so, you are sadly mistaken. These guys mean business:


If I were you, I would stay far, far away.