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Where’d This Cooking Blog Come From?

When I was writing about the twins looking up cuss words in the dictionary I mentioned that I was making Chipotle Chicken on Corn Cakes for dinner and everyone freaked out.  I had NO IDEA everyone would salivate at the mention of our dinner and then send emails pleading for the recipe.

It’s ironic that I saw the recipe at all, as it came from the May issue of Real Simple.  I detest that magazine, because I think I think it’s mis-named.  There’s no way an outdoor party is going to be “real simple,” for example, unless it’s at someone else’s house and I am a guest.
Anyway, I was at the doctor’s office and there was nothing else to read, not even a Car and Driver, and so I thumbed through this magazine and stole the luscious recipe I’m about to share.  It’s easy, light and unique.  Without further ado, I present:

Smoky Chicken Corn Cakes

The recipe speaks for itself, but you could throw in a can of drained diced tomatoes during the winter instead of using Romas.   The chipotles (in a Vienna Sausage-shaped can near the taco kits at the grocery) can be hot, so I just add a little of the sauce, not the pepper itself.  And I’m trying to fatten up some boys, so we use regular ricotta.  You could make the chicken mixture one day and refrigerate it, then let it come to room temperature while you whip up the corn cakes.

Whatever you do, if you have boys, put the dollop of sour cream on the side, not on the top.  Otherwise it will resemble a breast (only in the sense that the meal is round and has a dot in the center, but close enough) and the level of your dinner conversation will rapidly decline.

Happy eating.


  • Janssen

    Mmmm, sounds delicious! I actually have that Real Simple issue, so I’ll definitely check it out. (And I have to admit that I adore Real Simple even if it is mis-named).

  • Laura

    My “Real Simple” adaptation of this? A little something I like to call Liar’s Dinner

    Buy the chicken. Pretend you cooked it and serve for dinner with fozen mashed potatoes that you *also* fib about. (That’s night #1.) Night #2? Take all the dark meat off that no one would eat because it looked icky and use it to make the mixture (alternately, use canned chicken) and then use Jiffy cornbread muffin mix to make the corn cakes. Then leave the original recipe lying around and pretend that it’s what you actually cooked.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out. (By the way, you are a *much* more ambitious cook than I…)