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What Not To Wear: Perfume Edition

I’ve already illustrated what not to wear in bed (and conversely, what you should wear). Today we’ll move on to “What Not To Wear: Perfume Edition.”

During Finn’s drum lesson Friday, I hustled over to the Galleria to Sephora to try out Gwen Stefani’s new perfume, Lamb. Usually I buy perfume based on scent alone. The fact that Elizabeth Taylor, J. Lo, and Britney hawked perfume didn’t persuade me to run out and try them.

It’s different, however, when a celebrity I truly adore, like Sarah Jessica Parker or Gwen Stefani comes out with a scent. I desperately tried to like SJP’s Lovely, but it smelled like worn soccer cleats on me.

So I was thrilled to hear that Gwen had a new perfume, because I feel as if we have a cosmic connection. We both have hot husbands and small titties and frequently dye our hair and… well, I can’t sing, and I don’t have a band, but when Kingston gets older I can give Gwen tons of useful information about how to teach him to fold his towel after his bath and pick his nose in private and put the lid down on the potty and other life skills.

Anyway, whether you’re a Gwen fan or not, a girl couldn’t help but try the perfume after seeing this ad:


Who wouldn’t want to smell like that?

I was heady with anticipation when I got to Sephora, but when I spritzed the scent on my wrist I wasn’t sure it was jiving with my complex chemical makeup. Of course, you must give anything a chance, so after Finn and I got home from drums I asked Bill to smell it.

He paused from making gin and tonics and gave my wrist a sniff.

“I feel like I’ve smelled that before,” he said thoughtfully.

I doubted he’d already smelled the latest scent from Gwen Stefani. He’s hardly on the cutting edge of pop culture. Remember how long it took him to figure out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were dating? But he was holding my wrist and smelling it and looking off into the distance with a furrowed brow. It was confusing.

“I’ve got it,” he said triumphantly, dropping my arm and reaching for the lime. “It smells like a girl I dated in the past.”

Damn. I love you, Gwen, but I won’t be wearing Lamb.

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  • MammaLoves

    OMG! Your husband dated Gwen??!!!

    I keep trying to wear new perfumes, but whenever I wear the one I’ve been using since high school my husband (and random people on the street) will compliment me. *sigh* I just want to be hip and cool.

  • Jesse

    oooooh Ouch….Yeah, I wouldn’t be wearing it either, if that were the case. *sigh* I have to admit I don’t stay on top of all of that – I’m more the introverted tom-boy type. But…I like nice-smelling perfume, and my husband just recently made me (y’know, at gunpoint and all *giggle*) get Estée Lauder Pleasures Intense, and though I hated dropping the cash on it, I know it will last like, forever. *grin* That is, IF my 2 year old doesn’t decide to sneak in and make herself “beautiful”. hehe. Here’s hoping!

  • boomama

    No ma’am. No Lamb for you.

    But have you seen the sign at the Large Outdoor Shopping Mall here in our lovely town? The sign that says, “COMING SOON – SEPHORA – OPENING SPRING 2008”?

    Because I almost ran my car straight through The Children’s Place when I saw that sign Friday afternoon.

  • Jeni

    Ouch! When we were thinking of girl baby names, Matt suggested the name of his ex, and I had to quickly assert the “no exes” rule. I definitely wouldn’t wear a perfume that reminded him of a past amore.