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October 17, 2007

Looks Like I Won

Bill and I joke that when we got married he gave up big-titty women and I gave up long-haired men.  His girlfriend before me was a lacrosse playing, Cuban, large-breasted classical pianist, and hell if I know what order to put all those adjectives in to reflect their importance to Bill, but I bet the tits were near the top.

He didn’t get those when he married me.  I’ve even posted a picture of my pancake/Tootsie Roll breasts on this very site.

All marriages involve compromise, though, and I gladly live with a man who not only has short hair, but who also expresses his love for me by scraping his long toenails against my calf in bed at night, although he knows the maneuver skeeves me out.

Bill has long been meaning to make my long-haired dreams come true.

After an inspired stop at Party City, an Adonis entered my room.


I am truly the luckiest girl alive.

Posted by Anne Glamore @ 3:39 pm • Googly Eyes: Make Love Not War   

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26 Responses to “Looks Like I Won”

  1. Oh dear….Bless his little heart for trying….but, I am willing to bet you prefer his clean cut look after all!

  2. How can you live with that kind of hawtness?

  3. I’m really hoping that’s not the kind of long haired guy you’ve longed for!

  4. Where are the redneck teeth??

  5. I never knew you had a Kid Rock fascination. Trashy!

  6. You guys are the best.

  7. Isn’t it nice to have a guy who’ll dress up in crazy clothes to make you happy? Mine decided after long searches for a wolf costume last halloween to match my little red riding hood one that he was going to be a skeeze-bucket instead. Complete with huge patches of fake chest hair, a gross mustache and a long wig, which he then slicked back. Ahhh, gotta love the men in our lives, eh? 🙂

  8. Wow Anne, your man is sooo hot. Only thing missing is the mud flap hottie girls tatooed on his arm or chest…Does he have a brother?

  9. Ha! We should totally spouse swap!

  10. Does he have a water bed, too? Cuz that is SO hot! 😉

    Ya’ll are hilarious. Tee hee.

    I think there’s a country song in this somewhere…big tittied women and long-haired men.

  11. Yes, Anne. You are the, um, lucky one. I bet he a gun rack on the back of his pick up, too. Doesn’t he? All the hot ones have gun racks.

  12. Okay, Anne, now I’m worried. Bait vending machines and now Bill’s alter-ego….doesn’t the Tiny Kingdom have some kind of municipal moving truck to haul folks like y’all out of there??? Careful, before you know it you’ll have a sofa on the front porch next to the washer and the in-laws in an RV on the driveway!

  13. He should’ve flashed the toenails too!

  14. LMAO

    He’s HAWT! I want one JUST like THAT one.

  15. what on earth is in his mouth? hilarious

  16. Day-um girl he rocks that wife-beater T like nobody’s business!

  17. I’m a little bit scared right now! My hubby threatens/promises to bring back his mullet – I need only say the word. He’ll be waiting a good long time!

    More power to you that you didn’t run out of the room screaming at that sight (I’m thinking of your ape video from a few months back)! Sooooo funny!

  18. That’s one Sexy Mullet!
    Business up front
    and a party in the back!


  19. Oh that’s hawt.

    A man with a sense of humor….very very hawt

  20. It’s a very nice Walker County Outfit.

  21. Where’s the tattoo and fake teeth?


  22. That is so funny I am pissin’ my panties!
    Wooo whooo!

  23. That’s one hot man muffin. LOL

  24. You are so darn funny, so so funny. The post you linked to, exhausted me to read…poor you. Minus to having larger breasts…the more kids you have, the less space between them and the floor. And, it is difficult to find bras that hold up. (ha)

  25. Looks Like I Won…

    Anne Glamore has always had tiny titties. When she scraped up some money, her husband, Bill, thought they’d both benefit if she got a boob job. She had Lasik instead. Anne just didn’t think it would be sexy to have to take off her bifocals at the t…

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