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December 15, 2007

An Experiment & Gift Ideas!

Yo home slice!

That’s the way Finn is greeting people these days. Is anyone else’s kid speaking indecipherable jargon? I mean, this goes way beyond being psyched, and it’s a ginormous buzz kill to interpret.

I’m experimenting with a new feature that should add the title of your latest blog post to your comment. Please comment and let’s see if it works or if the whole shebang crashes to bits. Thanks to Jennifer for this cool idea.

I don’t have to tell you that the holidays are upon us. I realized that I totally forgot to put up a guide for spouses, and I’m not going to do it now. Instead, you men who are floundering, get ye to the jewelry counter posthaste!

Before you go, check and see if your lover wears silver or gold. I say this only because MY lover once gave me a gift of silver jewelry, and while I acted appropriately grateful, inwardly I was miffed, as I never wear the stuff. It makes me look as if I might faint.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have lovers who wear both, in which case ignore the above.

Not willing to brave the traffic? In luck! Red Envelope has nice things at reasonable prices. Amazon and Overstock do as well. I was also impressed with JewelsForMe and I always love Bill Barnes.

Ladies, feel free to point your significant others to this page to make your wishes known. I’ll go ahead and number a few things I liked so you can put a sticky note on your monitor for even better hinting. Lord, do I make this easy on you or what??

1. Cool earrings

2. I’m not Mariah Carey, so I hate this butterfly thing, (I hate all jewelry with nature, babies, animals) but this gold locket is so romantic.

3. I’m about to trade in the long pearls my mom bought me in the 1983 for a Choker Length strand because a choker is less matronly and you can wear it casually or for a night out.

4. The threat of receiving an Auburn thong for Christmas led me to do a little research on birthstone jewelry. The whole baby doll on a chain with stone is not my cup of tea (see above) but there are lots of other options out there, such as this Sapphire and Diamond Circle Pendant or this beautiful Ruby pendant.

5. Actually, though, the place to go for any jewelry if you know what stone you want is JewelsForMe, where I saw a lovely opal bracelet, garnet earrings, and a peridot pendant. You can shop by stone, price, yellow or white gold, and type of jewelry on this easy to navigate site. It has jewelry in a range of prices.

6. I’m not totally against silver. It’s great for some people, and Overstock had fabulous examples. I thought these Mexican hoops were awesome.

7. I don’t know that this is a Christmas or Hanukkah gift. However, I’m a huge fan of the gift that keeps on giving, and by that I mean a gift that you can add to over the years. I mentioned adding to collections in one of my earlier gift guides.

This is new since I had kids but now men are evidently giving their wives a present each time they have a baby. My thought is RUN to the Bill Barnes website and look under “designers” at the Hidalgo rings. Don’t freak out – you’ll see lots of patriotic and nature designs at first – ye gods!

But if you click on “Hidalgo Guards” and “Bracelets” (no teddy bears for me, thanks!) and “Classic Styles,” you’ll see that Hidalgo is all about adding rings together, or a set of Moon and Stars bracelets, and you could add one piece each time you add a kid. And if you want to walk around with turtles on your finger, well go right ahead and suit yourself. I’ll be going Contemporary myself.

For all of you still looking for ideas:

My Gift Guide to Boy Toys

My Guide to Gifts for Teachers, Babies and Toddlers

My Guide for the Hard To Buy For

My Gift Ideas For Kids Who Have Sort Of Behaved

Leave a comment and see what happens, home slice!

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27 Responses to “An Experiment & Gift Ideas!”

  1. I was glad to hear that I am not the only person who can not wear silver jewelry! My coloring clashes with silver so I never look at sterling silver, plantinum gold or white gold. Unfortunately most of the jewelry stores in my area are going mostly to the white golds and sterling silver, and that is what they push the most. I’ll be glad when they realize not everyone has perfect skin tones to pull off silver!

    ShortyMom’s last blog post..Glowing Christmas

  2. At some point today I’m going to post a huge ole linkapalooza with some cool shopping/recipe/etc. links for the holidays. (Candy cane martinis, anyone?)

    I just started using the same WordPress plugin and I love it! I think I saw it first at’s blog.

    I love Red Envelope’s site. I also just discovered There is some very cool jewelry to be had!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Birth Control Via Another Long Ass Line at the Dollar Tree

  3. Me, I look like a hooker when i wear gold. But I share your dislike of all things animal – that’s stuff’s supposed to run outside, not sit on my finger/ dangle from my ears!

    (and let’s see of my last blog post shows up…)

  4. … so that would be a no.

  5. O.k. — so I think I had a comment on this post, but it was completely blown out of my head once I clicked on nicolien’s name link. Loved it! What language was that anyway?

    Jodi’s last blog post..Tom at Large

  6. See, posts like this make me wish I lived in America and could actually use all that useful information.

    Lynda’s last blog post..*shudder*

  7. Dammit! I should have posted something with a title that doesn’t make me look as if I am making myself ill!

    Lynda’s last blog post..*shudder*

  8. I love these gift guides of yours!

    And I kinda wanna see if my last blog post title shows up. What a cool idea!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Belated thank you

  9. I just have to try out this neato “last blog post” gadget. Also, I want to know how you achieved it.

    Country Mouse’s last blog post..41 of 366: Professor O

  10. I’m not really into jewelry at all, but I like butterflies while disliking all other animal jewelry. I couldn’t really pull off birds or bunnies.

    One relative gave me two llama pins. I don’t wear them much, but there’s a story about a llama who lives in my hand–so I mostly wear them to make friends laugh. Never together–twin llamas on a shirt is just scary. πŸ˜‰

    Like nicolien, I think I look more like a hooker (though I would have just said “gaudy”) in yellow gold. But then I’m sallow and it also really clashes with yellow. I’m sorry that you people with other colorings are having a hard time finding it–it was a real trick for me to get silver/white gold a couple years back. Maybe the market will tip in your favor soon! πŸ™‚

  11. OOoh neat, i am going to have to hunt down that code!

    Christina’s last blog post..Dizzy & Tired

  12. Ha! You have smashingly good taste. I have three Hidalgo rings- the skinny ones, from Bill Barnes. My absolute fav is the one with leetle tiny .1 carat diamonds all the way around it.
    Also, you are probably the only person I know who would recognize them as Hidalgo!

    Shawn’s last blog post..Lucky You

  13. I’m getting one of these cool rings for my anniversary, which happens to be Dec. 24. Hope the linky works.

  14. Okay, first? Great idea with the Blog Post Title Link Dealio. (It’s early.) Second? Great idea with the kids / teachers / lovers Shopping Guide.

    I actually did buy the Klutz Window Art and Headlamps for the Gruesome Twosome per your suggestion. And the Eyeclops, which my European told me is THE IT GIFT this year for kids. What do I know? I found it on Amazon (everyone else is selling out of it apparently and when you can find it, it runs about $50) for $35. It meets the kids’ requirement to be electronic and cool and something visual and it meets my requirement to be marginally educational and fosters the expansion of thought and scientific questioning. Anyone who points the “eye” at my backside will be grounded immediately and I will eat their Christmas Candy too, I swear.

    There. I’ve tried to be helpful.

    Karyn’s last blog post..Santa, Baby

  15. “Yo, G! What up!”
    That’s how my older 2 greet everyone…even me in the morning. To which I reply,
    “What’s the haps, dudes?!” (which they tell me isn’t quite as cool).

    soapchix’s last blog post..Santa Approved!

  16. Oops…I was under my soapy identity up there…quick change and now I’m under my supermom alias. πŸ™‚

    I really like the last blog idea!

    childsplay’s last blog post..Advent Mania

  17. Oooh, I like that you can choose (or not) to use the commentluv plugin! Cool! I don’t know how to make mine do that…

    Anyway, these are some fine gift ideas. I’m partial to that Red Envelope place, they have really nice gifts that aren’t too overly priced.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Taking a Toke Off the Toddler Crack Pipe

  18. I tried greeting my kids with just “Duuuude,” but TMOTH was aghast and certain I’d set them on the path to drugs and heathenism. I suppose he’d know since it’s a trail he blazed himself back in the day.

    (Can’t wait to see if the blog thing works!)

    Laura’s last blog post..Snowpocalypse

  19. Cool new feature with the last post title’s showing up – so tell us all how you did it!!!

    Also love the Hidalgo rings and hate when a lover doesn’t bother to notice things like you never wear a partcilar color or type of jewelry.

  20. Used the idea from “Dangerous Book for Boys” but with ‘Daring…for girls’ and a huge supply kit for my nieces. Can’t wait to hear how they like it.

    On another note I haven’t posted all weekend and can’t remember the title…hope no one is offended…;-)

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..OMG! A heart throb still!

  21. I am going to forward this to my husband posthaste! There is a 99.7245% chance that he hasn’t bought my gift yet and it is like you are reading my mind when it comes to gifts.

    Love the blog title in comments!

    Ladybird’s last blog post..I Heart Jimmy Stewart

  22. Oh, I forgot to leave a comment to test your new thing.

    Peeved Michelle’s last blog post..Disorganized Bag

  23. Wow, that was a really unpleasant error I just received after trying to post a comment.

    Peeved Michelle’s last blog post..Disorganized Bag

  24. Multitask: Generate Traffic & Get Last Minute Gift Ideas!…

    Here’s a fantastic way to do two things at once – increase your traffic by leaving a comment with a super last-minute gift idea. Your comment will be published along with the title of your last blog post! For those of you still needing to pick of a …

  25. ‘Sup? was the general greeting from my kids at that age. Or Whatup? I have just caught up on a weeks worth and I vote that Mizzou wins hands down for the college fight song. I’m still grinning at that one!

  26. I’m not much of a jewelry person, but you almost make it seem like something I’d want!

  27. I’m not much of a jewelry person, but you almost make it seem like something I’d want!

    Jeni’s last blog post..Allllllllllright.

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