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January 25, 2008

Feeling Egotastical

What a delicious morning! Bill, our resident coffeemaker, is out of town, so I woke knowing I’d have to face the hated Cuisinart Grind N Brew and create something resembling java. Happily, Finn was cooking eggs and bacon and Porter had the coffee started.

His gesture wasn’t selfless. I mentioned earlier that he’s developed quite a love for the stuff, so we’ve limited him to half a cup in the morning. He began using larger and larger cups until we refined our definition to four fluid ounces plus one teaspoon of sugar, max, and reminded him where the measuring cups and spoons reside.

His coffee is just as tasty as Bill’s. I’m a lucky mom.

I’m feeling especially queenly for another reason. Nicole at Tickled Pink has posted an interview she did with me. Go check it out.

I didn’t want to freak her out by coming in just under deadline, so I left something out that I want to emphasize every chance I get. Besides E.B. White, I am obsessed with Dr. Jerome Groopman. I’ve plugged him many times before. His book Second Opinions is mandatory reading for anyone who’ll be dealing with the health care system at any point– THIS MEANS YOU!

I’ve dealt with hospitals, clinics, health care professionals and unprofessionals more times than I can count, and the simple truth is that you must keep up with your own health care, whether that means keeping up with what tests you’ve had or making sure the tubes of your blood get labeled with your name, not the bozo’s in the chair next to you.

Dr. Groopman also writes for the The New Yorker and has an allegedly interesting article in this week’s issue. I wouldn’t know; Finn stole my copy and read it. Infuriating, yet gratifying.

Anyone else hear Brian Williams talk about the new study that says taking birth control pills offers protection against ovarian cancer even after you stop taking them? Whoo hoo! I’d like to get off them and see if my migraines improve. I’ve been taking them only because of the ovarian cancer protection; perhaps I can rid myself of a medicine.

For those of you wondering exactly when it was that I decided that maybe Porter wasn’t as dumb as a stick, it’s a story called Letter Share that took place when he and Drew were in kindergarten. They’re now in third grade. Time doesn’t fly; this seems like eons ago.

Poor geography alert! Bill’s in Nebraska on business. We debated WHERE that state is before checking ourselves on Porter’s wall-size map. I was ashamed to have guessed that it was maybe to the left of Arkansas. I had the correct longitude but it’s actually two states up, just under South Dakota. I bet the folks in that fine state weren’t impressed with our tale of snow at all.

Happy weekend!

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11 Responses to “Feeling Egotastical”

  1. Bacon and eggs? And coffee??

    You’re raising them right.

    MammaLoves’s last blog post..Tomorrow!

  2. I am so impressed with how independent your boys are – I am new to your blog so I am hoping there are stories, tips or advice on how you are raising them. I going to delve deeper and see what I can find.

    Alana’s last blog post..Friday RoundUp

  3. Can you send your boys to teach my boys how to do some of that stuff??? :o)

  4. Hey, in Arkansas? We’re just glad when you think of us at ALL.

  5. What time do they leave for school, or rather, just how early do you all get up on a school day? My 3rd grader’s bus comes at 6:35, travels all over our neighborhood, to the elementary school, then finally to the intermediate school, arriving shortly before the bell rings at 7:45. The route is less than five miles from our house, so I wake him at 6:30, he jumps in my warm bed while I get the 7th grader out the door to his bus (one hour in traffic to Riverchase Middle School – less than 9 miles from our home!!!). After drinking cereal and milk from a decorative milkshake glass (thrift store) and watching Spongebob while I warm his boxers, socks and entire outfit with the iron, we leave at 7:25 to arrive at 7:40 to his school.

    Just wondering how long it takes you to get everyone out and about.

    Watch out for the icy roads tonight in B’ham. Maybe Upward Basketball won’t be cancelled again this weekend.

  6. Only b/c you mentioned it, but when I decided to get pregnant and stopped taking BC pills, my migraines stopped! I haven’t had one in almost 4 years now. Of course, I didn’t go back on the pill after my son was born.
    If you have bad migraines (and I did), you may give it a try.

  7. Anne: take that study with a grain of salt. What the study authors did was data-mine women’s health data, and found a statistically significant correlation of pill use for 15+ years and reduced ovarian cancer vs. women who never took an oral contraceptive prior to age 75. You can’t really establish causation through that approach. There could be other factors that lead to the correlation. For example, women who are on the pill are more likely to have improved socioeconomic status; health insurance; and are more likely to have annual checkups, which could in turn implicate a variety of other factors relating to whether ovarian cancer is likely to strike.

    Further, anyone with a family history of breast cancer should be cautious about staying on the pill because a certain percentage of breast cancers are estrogen-dependent (that is, estrogen helps them grow, especially in the early stages).

    Finally, have you ever considered using the Paraguard IUD instead of the pill? It is copper-based, not hormonal-based, which might help your migraines.

  8. Hmmmm. I’ve got my kids well trained in feeding themselves (all food is kept below three feet), toileting themselves, etc. But it never occurred to me to train them to do things for ME.

    Off to rethink my entire parenting roadmap. Muuuuhaaahaaaaahaaaaa…..

    maggie’s last blog post..Question: What does $45 get you at Chuckie Cheese these days?

  9. On one hand, as someone who lives in Nebraska, no I wasn’t impressed with your snow story. Then again, most people who live in areas that get snow wouldn’t be impressed with what we get either.

    On the other hand, I grew up in Florida, so I totally got why the snow was so exciting. In fact, it made me laugh out loud.

  10. After seeing 2 neurologists and trying at least 7 preventatives with no relief from migraines, I decided to go off birth control. My migraines stopped immediately! Of course, now that I’m pregnant, the hormones have kicked them into high gear. But at least I know that they are hormonal, which no doctor ever suggested. Try going off BC for a couple of months and see how you do. Hope it works for you!

  11. […] thus I missed this morning’s action. Finn placed salt in the sugar shaker, so Porter’s 1/2 cup of coffee was nasty. Finn learned this trick from Encylopedia of Immaturity which I touted in my gift guides, […]

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