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April 6, 2008

In Which I’m All Doocey

For the longest time my front porch has been decorated only with three crinkly dead plants and a disintegrating doormat, and the front door has red mud handprints made by boys who paw the door while trying to grasp the door handle.

Yesterday I tossed the plantings of death and went to the local garden shop looking for something funky to spruce up the place, because how many Boston ferns do we really need in the Tiny Kingdom?

I was thrilled to find crocodile ferns that I paired with dieffenbachia. Now my pots say welcome, but don’t get too comfortable here.



If you don’t get the reference in the title, welcome to the internet! You can click here and here to see what I’m riffing on.


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Posted by Anne Glamore @ 5:18 pm • Southern Comfort   

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10 Responses to “In Which I’m All Doocey”

  1. That really is a fantastic photo!

    LMAO @ Doocey

    Honeybell’s last blog post..My Favorite Part of The Book Was The Cover Art

  2. Great photo! Nothing grows on my front porch, it’s got too much shade, and heat in the death of summer.

  3. All the plants in the world will not spruce up my front poarch until we repaint the shutters and door- they have gone from a rich burgandy to an anemic mauvy color. Love that Croc fern though.

    Tina’s last blog post..Lousy Big Mouth

  4. You sure found funky! Really cool. If you get time you’ll have to take a full porch shot so we can see the finished results.

  5. You, Dooce and MetroDad are my favorite bloggers. Hands. Down.

    Congrats on taking the time to spruce up your front door. I’ve been waiting for weeks to do that. The almanac says it’s supposed to snow here in late April, so I’m trying to hold off until then.

    After that, my Hubby has a LONG Honey-Do List that should keep him busy for… the summer. 🙂

    Aimee’s last blog post..Insomnia still sucks.

  6. I love the Croc fern – did you wear matching Crocs while planting? I’m probably the only person who doesn’t wear them – just give me my bronze Reefs!!

    I purchased two coral hibiscus plants ($7.95 @ Lowes), basket of yellow lantana ($7.95 also), and two dark purple sweet potato vines ($2.95 each) and hope to get them in my urns today, despite the chilly, cloudy weather. I have full sun and have never been able to grow geraniums out there. The urns came from the place behind the Summit back when it was out 280 toward Chelsea ($35 each). I’ll take a photo when it’s done and send.

  7. How in the world did I miss that title a few days ago? *snort*

    Busy Mom’s last blog post..We keep the checkbook in the fridge

  8. Oh,and my kids LOVE “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”>

    Busy Mom’s last blog post..We keep the checkbook in the fridge

  9. i always say that i’m the dooce of my in-laws!! unfortunately, i can’t post about why i say that because, they have been stalking my blog…hence the dooce!!
    i love the pic of that leaf! i want one!

  10. […] are all my Doocey posts […]

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