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April 25, 2008

Feathers Friday: Out To Sea

I don’t know of many parakeets who are lucky enough to get private sailing lessons. Yet Feathers holds such an exalted place of honor in our house that damn the cost, she merits a boat and a large body of water in which to maneuver.


Porter thoughtfully provided a Hot Wheels racetrack as a nearby perch in case it took Feathers a moment to get her sea legs. That was good thinking; Feathers took a couple of dunks before Porter realized that it would be better for Feathers to experience floating on pond-like conditions rather than the churning waters of the open sea.

It didn’t stop there. Next Feathers got to ride through her very own Tunnel of Love.


Although she traveled solo, it was good practice for the day she and her lover are overcome with passion and want to sail away in the moonlight.

The Tunnel of Love ends with a promontory where the passengers can disembark and enjoy the view.

In this case, the view is of the back side of the shower curtain and part of the toilet, but when you spend most of your day confined to a cage, that’s a riveting sight.

But the sailing lessons and the Tunnel of Love are only the beginning of the adventures Porter has in store for Feathers.


She still hasn’t tried out the high dive.


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7 Responses to “Feathers Friday: Out To Sea”

  1. Oh how cute. What a sweet bird she is! When I was little I had a bird named King Tut who was super fun to play with too.

    Amy’s last blog post..Dumb Blonde Evades Police

  2. This is eerily reminiscent of what I used to do with my Barbie dolls in the tub. 😉

    girls have Barbies, boys have birds? Must write that down for future reference.

    moo’s last blog post..I played with a noodle because that’s how I roll.

  3. WOW so cute! Feathers holds a place of honor in your family. I’m quite impressed with Porter’s creativity.

    CourtneyRyan369’s last blog post..haiku time

  4. Leave it to Porter! I swear he comes up with some of the funniest ideas ever. I love it!

  5. We have a Dora bath toy complete with a plastic palm tree featuring a disappearing Swiper the Fox that Feathers would really dig. 😉

  6. OMG, I just found your blog and have been surfing around. I have been just cracking up – you are my hero with the sex talks. I will definitely be writing you for advice when it is time for my son!

    Christine’s last blog post..And then there will be 4?

  7. […] for camp. In between, Porter had followed me around, asking, “How many seeds do you think fit in Feather’s bird feeder at one time? Why do we have grandparents? What would happen if we didn’t? Who […]

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