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Chow Chat

We were eating dinner and it was Porter’s turn to draw a card from Table Topics. “Where would you rather live, the mountains or the beach?” he read.

“That’s easy,” Porter said, tucking the card back into the box. “We should live in the mountains because there are too many tsunamis at the ocean.”

“What about mountain lions?” Drew asked.

“We can all fight a mountain lion, but a tsunami would wash us away in, like, a billionth of a nanosecond.”

“If we lived near the ocean we could eat shrimp and crabs and fish every day,” Drew said. “That would be yummy.”

“Aw, man, if we lived at the beach, I’d go to that spray tattoo place and get a barbed wire around one arm, and on the back of my shoulder I’d get a really buff Jesus with a holy light shining all around His head,” Finn said.

“I’d get a SpongeBob tattoo!” Drew yelled.

Bill and I exchanged glances. Finn joined the church last weekend but I didn’t realize his fervor was that strong.

“I’ve never heard of a spray tattoo,” Porter said.

“That’s because you’re an LBR,” Finn told him.

“What does that stand for?”

“Loser beyond repair.”


Two Years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Coming Apart