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June 2, 2008

Story of My Life

My story “Hot Enough For Ya?” is up at Lipstick. It has nothing to do with the temperature.  The tagline describes my situation well: Life isn’t all a bed of roses when you marry a stud muffin.


Two years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Exhausted Mom Seeks Validation

Posted by Anne Glamore @ 11:01 am • Deep Thoughts,Feeling Crotchety   

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14 Responses to “Story of My Life”

  1. You’re a great writer, Anne! Would love some tips, or suggestons on how you come up with your topics.

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Accomplished!

  2. This is one of those things that – were she a writer – my much-better-half could never write. There would never be any way she could describe me so without laughing!

    Charlie on the PA Turnpike’s last blog post..More on the defense of Boy Scouts of America

  3. Hysterical. I loved it and now I’m even more jealous of you. Except for those chin hairs. Those you can keep.

  4. Great piece! Now I’m glad I married a guy 7 years older than I am. I tell him I’m his trophy wife. 😉

    Alison’s last blog post..More about Reading and Week in Review, 5/25–5/31

  5. Oooh, that is my dad. In high school, a friend told me that she didn’t realize I had an older brother when she saw us working in the yard together. He would have been mid-40s at the time.

    Tootsie’s last blog post..Okay, so I got bored

  6. Incredible article. Thanks for the link. You really are an incredible writer. As for you two being a mismatched couple, I think you hold your own just fine.

  7. great piece. thoroughly satisfying, funny and thoughtful. i love your writing.

    amanda’s last blog post..The Mission We Chose to Accept

  8. omg girl you kill me! I swear you write all the crazy stuff I think about! lol keep it comin!!! I sent this to my irritatingly beautiful husband! lol


  9. I hear ya! My husband is not only 6 years younger than I am, but has not aged at all in the 11 years that we’ve been married. He, in fact, is alternately carded buying beer or mistaken for Dr. Mc Dreamy. I, on the other hand, look every day of my nearly 40 years. It’s nice to have a good looking husband, but it would be nice if he could at least appear to be over 30!

  10. That is hilarious! I love mine too.

    mandy’s last blog post..Why Target is Stupid

  11. Ha haaa! I have a husband like that too. People are going to start mistaking me for his mother soon.

    alala’s last blog

  12. Too funny Anne!! I hate to write this, but I’m part of the looks younger crowd. Both my Mom-who is 55, but looks 40- and my Grandmother-who is 80, but looks 60-have great genes. I still get carded when I buy alcohol 🙂

  13. What a great article! I have been enjoying your writing for about 2 yrs now. I lived in Vestavia for many years before moving to Richmond. When I read your articles, it makes the think of “home.” Thank you!

  14. Awesome article, Anne! And what is it about men and their bowel regularity? Completely unfair, that’s what it is. We girls have enough to deal with. Hmmph….

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