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July 1, 2008

Brer Rabbit Goes Haute Cuisine

Yesterday I was trying to get some work done, but I could barely concentrate because the duo’s stomachs were growling so loud.

“Go upstairs and fix yourselves some lunch,” I said. I stayed in the office, checking to make sure that I had all the proper medical forms, waivers, and birth certificates for Finn’s baseball team. We leave for Cooperstown Friday for a week of baseball.

Soon the aroma of tuna wafted down the stairs. I went upstairs to investigate, and it was a damn good thing I did, too.

Drew had opened a can, chopped it in a bowl, and added capers, Tabasco, salt and pepper, and some thyme he had cut from my garden. I sampled it at his insistence, and it was really lovely, especially if you slathered it on a cracker instead of eating it straight from the spoon.

Porter thought he could improve upon the recipe, and did the same thing but added a handful of uncooked rice, a cup of water, and microwaved it for two minutes. It emerged crunchy and fishy smelling. He wanted me to taste his concoction also, but I haven’t been the mother of three boys without learning to set limits.

Although the boys can all read well, Porter still wants to be read to at night sometimes. Last night he found my Uncle Remus stories, and he begged Bill to read one.

Porter mulled over the contents aloud, and soon Drew joined us so that all four of us were squashed into our bed.

“How about “Brer Possum Plays Possum?”

“No, I want to hear “Brer Fox An De Stolen Goobers,” Drew argued.

Finally they settled on a classic, “De Tar-Baby,” and Bill began to read:

One day, Brer Fox and Brer Bear wuz sittin’ round in de woods, talkkin about dre way Brer Rabbit wuz always cuttin’ up capers an actin’ so fresh.

“Brer Rabbit’s gettin’ too bossy,” say Brer Bear.

“Brer rabbit don’t mind his own bizness,” say Brer Fox.

“Brer Rabbit talk too biggity,” say Brer Bear.

“I don’t like de way Brer Rabbit go prancin lippity clippity down de–“

“Wait, go back,” Porter said.

And then the questions began.

“Why did Brer Rabbit have capers? And why was he cutting them?”

“Yeah, I use capers all the time, but if you try to cut them they just squash. Mom told me you’re supposed to leave them whole,” Drew said.

“Brer Rabbit shouldn’t cut up capers. That’s not the way to use them,” Porter said.

Bill and I didn’t bother responding. We figured we’ve raised some white bread kids who are too far gone.

Drew and Porter enjoyed the rest of “De Tar-Baby,” though, once they got over their dismay at Brer Rabbit’s culinary ineptitude.


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Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories, Golden Press (1973).

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6 Responses to “Brer Rabbit Goes Haute Cuisine”

  1. At least your boys know what capers are! My youngest says, “Mom are you going to use the little green balls?”

    Have a safe trip!

    Joy East of the Kingdom’s last blog post..Tanning disasters and other pageant prep

  2. Bet those boys are lettuce snobs, too. (I’m not sure when I learned that there were two kinds of capers — tricks and little green things — but probably older than the twins are!)

    I love both Gail Godwin and Wallace Stegner — looking forward to your take on “Crossing to Safety,” which is my favorite Stegner.

  3. Oh, that brings back memories of nights in bed with my grandmother. Is it possible to read Brer Rabbit without going into a DEEP Southern accent? The voice in my just went way Southern on me =) (and that’s saying something since I grew up in rural Alabama!)

    Mary Frances’s last blog post..Menu Monday: June 30th

  4. I love that your boys are little gourmets.

    I haven’t read Uncle Remus in ages, I’ll have to get it for my little one.

    Renee’s last blog post..Good Things

  5. Well, before we were married, my husband used to drink tuna shakes that he made in the blender. I’ll take the half-cooked fishy rice anyday.

    Also, loved your post on talking too much. My son is 4 yrs old, and I have to say I was utterly terrified to read I’m in for another five years of incessant questions. Here’s a link to my post on the topic, if you ever get a chance:

    houndrat’s last blog post..Pay it Forward Contest—you, too, could win something totally random!

  6. Wow, I wish my boys would make me tuna with capers and fresh thyme! Sounds yummy!

    P.S. Would you like to exchange cell numbers before BlogHer? let me know!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..A Letter for my Readers

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