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July 7, 2008

Cooperstown Dreams (And Nightmares)

Sadly, I write this missive from the Cooperstown Dreams Park infirmary where Finn is being treated for dehydration. He’s sleeping well, and this isn’t the first time I’ve posted from a medical facility.

The Birmingham Blaze has made it to the birthplace of baseball, and we’ve already survived checking into the Cooperstown Dreams Park with 97 other teams, (chaotic lines of traffic, tired travelers; nightmare), the opening ceremony, (captive audience forced to listen to unknown cheesy songs and facts about baseball for three hours before the baseball teams appeared; nightmare), and two baseball games.  We won one and lost one, but counted both as wins.  We lost the second game by only 11 runs and went all six innings, while the team that played them earlier lost 33-0 in three innings.

All of the players and coaches are staying in barracks within the park, and the families are staying around Cooperstown.  “Around Cooperstown” should be defined broadly in the Glamore’s case, as our “resort” (more about which later) is certainly closer to Canada than Cooperstown.  The “resort’s” website led me to believe that it was located much closer than it is, but that will be a different post altogether.

This is the first time that all the Blaze families have been forced to hang out together for an extended period of time, and I’m happy to report that so far there have been no fisticuffs.  It’s not all rainbows and butterflies on every team, however, including one from Michigan.  Word is that their coaches are fighting with each other, one parent has told another that her kid sucks at baseball, and a player got thrown out of a game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In contrast, the Blaze fans are coming together like Jello. Our appointed Social Chairman has a well-stocked bar at the HoJo, where we report each evening for a nightcap and to rehash the day’s events. Our photographer bravely ventures over to the other team’s stands each game, so that the Blaze is photographed from every possible angle. As a bonus, she then reports on our opponent’s state of mind, and whether they are well-mannered or sending jeers and cusses our way.

Several Blaze families have high school kids, and they make up the bulk of our cheering section. When we’re not at games, “the big kids” hang out together and play a variety of intricate card games. Drew hovers at the periphery of the group, soaking in the rules like oxygen, so that he’ll be prepared the next time the cards are dealt. His highest goal for the week is to join the card game and prove himself worthy of the club.

Drew particularly idolizes one boy, a six foot two specimen named Scott. Drew shadows him, laughs hysterically at his jokes, and watches him adoringly as he goes through life in a body three times as big as Drew’s. We’re planning on a rip-roaring game of mini-golf this afternoon, and Drew is determined to be Scott’s partner. If it’s not clear by the end of the week that “the big kids” refers to the actual big kids AND Drew, it won’t be because of lack of effort on Drew’s part.

Porter, who is completely oblivious to the big kids’ innate coolness, is unknowingly foiling Drew’s plan, and Drew is growing increasingly frustrated with him. Porter acts like an inquisitive nine-year-old, which he is, while it’s obvious to Drew that mature behavior is required to hang with the big kid club. Drew is linked with Porter by blood and twinhood, but he’s resentful that Porter is spoiling his mojo.

I‘ve received word that this morning’s game was a loss (I spent the last three innings in the infirmary) and that Finn will be needed against the team we play next. That game is in a couple of hours, so his recovery will need to be mental as well as physical, and I’m better than Bill at the former.

Update: Finn is recovering nicely, so we’re off to prepare for more baseball.


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15 Responses to “Cooperstown Dreams (And Nightmares)”

  1. Take good care of your tough guy!

  2. Sorry things aren’t going perfectly. Good luck to the boys for the rest of their games!

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..T- Minus 7 Days

  3. You’re not that far from me and it is hot as hell and way too humid for baseball. Please tell me you have AC in your hotel? Good luck to all your boys!

  4. So how do you deal with watching those issues between brothers? Sit back and let them work it out? I’m already seeing it between my 5 and 2 1/2 year old (like if we’re at the park, and suddenly younger brother is dropped so older one can play with the bigger kids), and I’m of mixed feelings. On one hand, I remember being taught family is more important than friends and you NEVER treat a family member that way. Yet on the other…it’s part of life. I had a bittersweet morning at the park thinking of this as I watched them run around and I realized “Maybe I don’t want them to grow up!”

    Tina’s last blog post..“If you need a bath at the end of the day, it’s a good day.”

  5. Have you seen “Ms. Cooperstown” yet? When we played over in another city in B’ham, we saw “Ms. Ho__wood”. She paraded around all the stands in a red halter and short shorts, looking not real good. We all got a big laugh every time we were there that summer, and even saw her at other fields the next year.

  6. hope he has a speedy recovery.

    mandy’s last blog post..On a MUCH lighter note…

  7. Cooperstown! We know it well! We have been there twice…in August! Hot, hot, hot but it was fun watching baseball for 100 hours each day! Enjoy your time there!

  8. Sorry he was under the weather, hopefully fluids got him ship-shape again! Have fun!

  9. Any time you can play six against a team that is that good, it’s a win…no matter what the score is. That’s what we always tell our tournament team! Good luck to you guys, I’m looking forward to reading more.

    baseballmom’s last blog post..Oh my…

  10. Summer Camps – Cooperstown – I’m just glad that money is growing on Trees .

  11. When did the Dream Park get internet?

    I’m sorry to hear that your trip isn’t going to plan, but I can’t wait to hear about the “resort” (I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ve been there…)

    Hope it gets better all around!

    Good luck!

    CourtneyRyan369’s last blog post..Name Game 2008!

  12. Someone sent me over hear to read your facts of life post, which I just finished reading. And gasping with laughter over.

    Swistle’s last blog post..Title

  13. Or over HERE, whatevs.

    Swistle’s last blog post..Title

  14. So glad I found another southern blogger-
    I’m over here in MS! I am digging your music list too-

    Drama Mama’s last blog post..Winner Winner Chicken dinner!

  15. […] idolized the big kids and wanted nothing more than to be part of their card games, particularly one called […]

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