Music: Give Me A Beat!

Wiki Wiki What?

Last night at dinner Bill asked Drew to lead the blessing.

“Wiki wiki what, wiki who, wiki how?” Drew said.

Bill and I looked at each other, confused, and Bill assigned Finn the task.

Finn chose to teach us a blessing he’d learned at church camp.  It was to the tune of “We Will Rock You” and we banged on our chairs and clapped BANG BANG CLAP, BANG BANG CLAP, while Finn chanted the words:

We will, we will, praise you

We will, we will, praise you

There’s food on our plate

It sure looks great

Gotta learn how to love and forget how to hate

We will, we will, praise you

He ran through it once and then all five of us gave it a go.  It was an immediate disaster.

“Wiki wiki what?” Drew asked.  “I didn’t get it.”

“Someone is rushing the beat,” Finn said.

I poked Bill.  “He means you.  You’re ahead of the beat.  We’re going to have to buy a metronome so you’ll be able to participate in the blessing.”

“I really love metronomes,” Porter said.  “Especially when you take them apart and make other stuff out of them.”

“What do you mean, ‘rushing the beat?'” Bill asked.

“Wiki wiki what?” Drew asked.  “I do not comprehend,” he said in a robot voice.

“What’s up with the ‘wiki wiki’ stuff?” I asked.

“He’s all jacked up on Mountain Dew,” Finn said.  “He bought one and drank the whole thing at Jazzercise this morning and hasn’t made much sense all day.  I vote we put him on Mountain Dew rehab.”

“Wiki wiki who?” Drew asked, alarmed this time.

The vote was passed, and we ate, since our food had been blessed long ago and was growing cold.


I’ve been practicing Me Ra Koh’s Top Ten Tips For Photography, concentrating on #2: Fill the frame and #4: blur the background.  Here are my results so far:

Fill the frame with Porter:


Blur Drew’s background:


(This one was difficult- the background blurred beautifully but I shot him at an angle that made him have bags under his eyes. Alternatively, he may have bags under his eyes– he never stops long enough for me to get a good look at him. And the blue cast on his lips is reality. He’d just finished eating some turquoise food which cannot have been nourishing.)

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