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August 13, 2008

My School Is Better Than Your School

Now that Finn has made the exhilarating move from elementary school to the junior high, he comes home thrilled with the perks of his new school.  He spends most of dinner taunting his brothers with the vast improvements in his living conditions while they listen, stunned that such scenes are actually possible and await them in just three years.

“Man, the lunchroom is beast,” he said while we were eating Bowties With Prosciutto last night.  “When you go in there are these three cooler things like you see in a mini-mart and they’re filled with different drinks.  One has water and the next one has juices, like apple juice and orange juice, and they’re in these awesome containers, not those tiny cartons like at the elementary school.”

“We have apple juice instead of orange juice this year,” Drew said.  “But it’s frozen.”

“That figures,” Finn said.  “Anyway, the third cooler is the best, and it has all this, like, Vitamin Water and other cool drinks in it.”

“Did you try one?” Bill asked.

“No way.  I got a plain water in case the Vitamin Water is all sissy and stuff.  But I think I’m going to try every single kind of drink they have until I settle on my beverage of choice.”


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10 Responses to “My School Is Better Than Your School”

  1. “in case the Vitamin Water is all sissy and stuff”

    vitamin water almost came out my nose!

    Catherine’s last blog post..A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor

  2. Oh, to be in middle school again where choosing the “coolest” beverage is one of the most difficult things to do in the day! 🙂 Hope your son enjoys his first year of middle school…I still have quite a few years until that will happen with my kiddos, but I’m sure it will come quicker than I expect!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings’s last blog post..tackling the piles of paper

  3. My, my! Isn’t he the mature one now!

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Tattoo Family

  4. How FUNNY! T was fascinated last year when he went to middle school, with the selection of food you could choose in the lunchroom…pizza, nachos, salad bar, deli, etc. He bought lunch every day, as opposed to elementary school, when I made his lunch all the time. My mom was so mystified when they saw one of his friends at the mall, and they just did the chin-lifting nod type of thing, instead of saying hello, and visiting with each other. I told her it’s because they’re COOL.

    baseballmom’s last blog post..Give me strength

  5. I remember how excited my 3 were when they made the switch from middle to jr high. Enjoy it…it just zips by!

    Joy East of theKingdom’s last blog post..I See You in I.C.U.

  6. My oldest is starting middle school this year, I hope she loves it as much! We don’t start till the 2nd. Next week she is going to a middle school prep class, I really hope she likes it.

    Ginny’s last blog post..Earn $15 free with Revolution Money Exchange

  7. When I read the title I thought the post was going to be about which elementary school you came from being the best. Is yours having this problem? It may be more of a girl thing. Our neighbor’s daugter said that going to the junior hight was hard b/c some elems were considered “better” in the kingdom and those kids were more popular. Ugh, just what I need to worry about!

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