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Multitasking Ice Cream Pie


I’m a multitasking master and a cook, and this recipe combines the best of both worlds. You can buy all the ingredients ahead of time and then work on the dessert for a moment here and a few seconds there, in between going to the office, picking up carpool, buying new guitar picks and so forth. No one will ever guess you made this delicious concoction while simultaneously talking on the phone, feeding the fish and putting away the groceries.  And it’s only four ingredients.  Highly recommended for both PMS-ing and pregnant women.



1. A premade cookie pie crust – there’s NO reason not to use chocolate

2. A half gallon of ice cream, any flavor, but Cookies & Cream, Coffee, and Fudge Ripple are all good choices

3. A jar of hot fudge sauce – Hershey’s spreads the best for me

4. A container of Cool Whip or the equivalent

Optional: toasted nuts, cocoa powder, sprig o’ mint, etc to fancy up your pie

Step 1:

At some point during your busy day, set out the ice cream to melt a little.  Go do some stuff.  Then heap the ice cream into the crust.  Remember how your mother (hopefully) told you beauty isn’t everything?  Well, that’s particularly true for the inside of this pie.  The lumpier is is, the better the surface will catch glops of chocolate fudge sauce when that time comes.

Once you’ve put the ice cream into the crust and slurped any leftovers, put the naked pie into the freezer to harden a bit – between 1 and 48 hours.


Step 2:

Spread the chocolate sauce over the pie.  You can do this part all messy since it won’t show, but mine looks pretty fantastic because I’m kind of anal about my pie.  Also, see how smooth the pie is now?  That’s totally hot fudge acting as ice cream spackle.  Stick the pie back in the freezer for 15 minutes to several hours and go write a brief or toilet train your child.


Step 3:

Spread the Cool Whip on top.  If you’re feeling festive, decorate the top with cocoa powder, toasted nuts, or whatever.  Stick the pie back in the freezer until you’re ready to serve it.


I’m no photo stylist, and I suck at cutting pies, but I bet you wish that missing slice was in your belly instead of mine.


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