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November 24, 2008

Glamore-ous Holiday Gift Ideas

My Lord,  I love buying gifts.  I’ve had a blast teaching the boys to purchase gifts for each other, and I think even my husband’s gift-giving skills are improving.

The last couple of years I’ve published some gift guides, and while they’re heavy on gifts for males ages 3-12, I’ve also included ideas for “The Person With Everything,” “The Elderly Aunt,” “The Spouse” and so forth.

I’m going to give you the links to those lists here so you can peruse them.  I have NOT checked all the product links to make sure they’re still working, but the item descriptions ought to help you track down what you’re looking for.

Be sure and read the comments to each post– y’all have been wonderful about suggesting other fascinating gift ideas that have been big hits!

As always, leave suggestions or feedback about past gifts in the comments.

I’m finishing up this year’s gift guide, so if there are items you’d like me to include in it, let me know.

And now, the past guides:


The Ultimate Guide To Boy Toys (still the best, most comprehensive guide, featuring the ever popular headlamps, safes, flashlights)


Holiday Gift Guide: A Kajillion Ideas! (Ideas for teachers, babies and toddlers)

Gift Guide Part Deux: You’re So Hard To Buy For (funky, practical, collections, cookbooks, and a smattering of this and that.  My favorite: Tervis 16oz. Tumblers.  Not terribly exciting, but you can take them everywhere, and when your kids unload the dishwasher, it’s nice to know you have shatter-proof glasses.  Plus, look at all the available designs!)

Gift Guide For Good Kids (Or Even Merely Tolerable) (books, games, technology).  Hits: Ripstik Caster Board, Ultimate LEGO Building Set

Check out the comments to this post where readers made fab suggestions for all types of recipients, and the teachers voiced their hatred of all apple-themed items. (The fruit, not the company)

Some websites for men who are stymied about what to get their spouses.  Remember, her mother or best friend probably has some wonderful suggestions.

Happy Shopping!


Many thanks to all of you for your kind comments about my last, succinct post.  My family is fine; my heart hurts for another.  Please hug yours today and everyday.


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4 Responses to “Glamore-ous Holiday Gift Ideas”

  1. thanks for all the great ideas!!!!

    glad everything is doing a big better.

    cynthia’s last blog post..Sundays and 12 lb babies…

  2. Great ideas! You helped me finally solve the presents-for-my-brother puzzle.

    For college students or twenty-somethings, I recommend flash drive memory sticks (minimum 1GB memory). Everyone uses them, and they’re easy to lose, so everyone always needs a new one. Gas giftcards and coffee giftcards are great, too, but I think you already covered those.

    I’m glad your family is okay. I’ll say a prayer for the family that’s struggling.

  3. I’m relieved your family is okay – but I’m sorry people in your circle are hurting.

    As to the gifting…the Klutz Window Art continues to be just about the best gift my 6 year old ever got. His bedroom window looks like it’s made of stained glass now.

    I fear we may have reached the age of Lego, Playmobil and Other Things With Way Too Many Little Pieces And Fiddly Bits.

    New flashlights are a yes. The headlamps they got (credit to you) are still used, particularly to search for lost treasure under the bed.

    Dorling Kindersley makes a Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia which my 7 y/o got on his birthday. It’s a $40 book – which I picked up for $5 in the clearance bins at Borders. Go figure. He loves it, reads an excerpt every night before bed and obsessively looks things up in it. Score!

    Love your gift guide, it never gets old.

    karyn’s last blog post..Proud Mary

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