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February 5, 2009

Flashback Friday: It’s The Inner Beauty That Counts

Drew and Porter brought home their class pictures yesterday.  Obviously I inspected my boys first to see how they’d fared in front of the harsh lens of the grade school photographer.  Porter was doing his shy chipmunk face and his mouth is chapped beyond his lips, giving him a clownish look.  Drew was sitting slumped to one side in a dirty shirt, with a solemn look on his face.  The modeling agencies weren’t going to be knocking on the Glamores’ door.

As I perused the rest of the kids, I realized that there are some ages that are plain awkward, and I was holding the proof in my hands.

I had a run of bad pictures myself.  Sixth grade was particularly hideous.  That was the year that my teeth, eyes and spine all betrayed me.  My bodily frailties converged, and I was forced to attend school wearing not only the questionable fashions of the late 70’s, but also braces, glasses and a back brace.   I was sort of like Joan Cusack (“Girl in Scoliosis Brace”)  in “Sixteen Candles” but without a stage mother or payment for my discomfort.


People always asked me about the brace, and no one knew what scoliosis was, so I struggled with what to tell them.  Not my mom.

“Just tell them you fell out of an airplane.  That’ll shut ’em up,” she said briskly.  So I did.  The answer stunned them long enough to give me plenty of time to walk away.

I had some really close friends then. They were able to see past all the metal and plastic, fortunately for me, or I would have been awfully lonely.

These pictures are from my birthday in 1979.


You can’t see the silver of the neck brace so much because my mom and I experimented with all sorts of ways to camouflage it. It’s covered in moleskin, which was fuzzy and pink, but a lot closer to the color of my skin than harsh metal.


I’ve edited out my best friend’s face. She doesn’t look nearly as bad as I do, but there could be some Advanced English students at the junior high who’d like to see a picture of their teacher when she was about twelve, and I’m not giving them the satisfaction.

I loved the two bunnies and named one Roquefort Coconuthead. But Lord – stuffed rabbits? These days I bet girls this age give each other sassy panties with writing on the back, glittery lipgloss or fake belly button rings. We were such nerds.


This picture with my sisters was evidently a big damn deal, because I only wore my contacts on special occasions.  Getting those hard contact lenses to stay on my pupil was a challenge. If there’s anything worse than a brace-face with a back brace, it’s that same girl rolling her eyeballs back in her head while she fishes around in her eye sockets for her lost contacts, which are somewhere between her forehead and her brain.


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17 Responses to “Flashback Friday: It’s The Inner Beauty That Counts”

  1. Loved this. I don’t think I would be brave enough to show my 7th grade pics. Although I’m glad I didn’t look very hot in middle school because all the hot middle schoolers had babies too early. So if I have a girl I hope she has the awkward phase too. Awkwardness builds character. Maybe it’s different for boys.

  2. This is a scream! And you were much cuter than you give yourself credit for. I can bare to look at pictures of myself from age 12-14 and wouldn’t stick them on my blog for a million bucks!!! Zits and a frizzy mullet? Enough said.

    Kim-from-Auburn’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: The 70’s were good to us

  3. I like that you’re wearing the same shirt and vest in all the pictures, even though the one with your sisters seems like a different day.

    liz’s last blog post..Flashback Friday – It’s The Inner Beauty That Counts

  4. Having had a couple of those hard-contacts-disappearing-behind-your-eyeball moments myself in high school, I howled. At least it looks like your skin was cooperating; I was a pizza face at that age! (But the glasses look awfully familiar…)

    Bhamdining’s last blog post..Valentine Dining

  5. You were very lucky to have a mother who cared about your delicate pre-teen ego and feelings! Camoflaging (sp?) your back brace was very sweet of her. My mother would have told me to suck it up and left me to sulk in my room! I had acne (ugh, thought that would be finished my now) that really wasn’t that bad, but caused me no end of grief. I’ve promised myself that when my kids start getting it, I’ll be taking them to the dermatologist, even if it means taking out a home equity loan! I had the head-gear too, but unlike a couple of kids at school, I didn’t have to wear it during the day. I never realized that that’s Joan Cusack in “Sixteen Candles”…!

  6. I never had braces of any sort, I was just “the fat kid” you see in all the class pictures. It became worse when I got glasses in the 5th grade. Your first comment states that “Awkwardness builds character. Maybe it’s different in boys.” I can assure you that it’s not.

    Sir Nottaguy-Imadad’s last blog post..Flashback Friday #24

  7. Nice photos, really.

    As any photo of me – young or old – do not look at all good, you’ll have to fogive me for passing.

    (Trust me on this one!)

    Charlie on PA Tpk’s last blog post..Valentines Day approaches

  8. I too loved the stuffed bunnies.
    Thank you so much for hosting this, it has been so fun to follow and participate in.

    Marissa’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: It’s The Inner Beauty That Counts

  9. Isn’t adolescence a horror to look back on! But I don’t think your pics are so bad. For me it was awful perms (those home jobs) and really skinny legs topped by a large middle section. I’d send some pics but I’m not tech savvy enough to know how to get them into this box (they don’t have a URL). I am, tho, including a link to a past post that deals with age from a different perspective — where the horrors are just as real.

    Happy Friday everyone.

  10. The Milwaukee Torture Brace. My sister had to wear it at the same age. Throw in huge glasses, braces and frizzy, frizzy hair and you’d have her. She was not pretty. Today, she is gorgeous. Long blonde hair, straight white teeth, perfect posture and she even got her eyes fixed.

  11. Sixth grade, or junior high in general, is a social minefield that’s hard enough to navigate without a back brace. I shudder to think what those years must have been like for you. Having come through the other side of this as confident, smart, and strong as you are is a testament to the adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Brandy Poole’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: It’s the Inner Beauty that Counts

  12. Ah…the “character building years!”
    Gotta love ’em!

    Joy East of theKingdom’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: It’s Inner Beauty that Counts

  13. […] other Flashback Friday participants, visit My Tiny […]

  14. I missed the back brace (though I still have the curvature), but had the braces and glasses and eighties hair. Gotta tell ya, though, you had (and still have) a vibrant smile. 🙂

    jen’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: Inner Beauty

  15. I love your courage – so brave to post those pics (although, I must say they aren’t so bad!).

    What a great mom to keep such a positive sense of humor!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: It’s the Inner Beauty that Counts

  16. Oh! My! Goodness!!! I had those exact same glasses in 1979. You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to relive that particular period of my life. I was a complete goober.

    Angel’s last blog post..Scenes from My Day

  17. I LOVE the Joan Cusack reference. I was just talking about her in Sixteen Candles with some friends. We are going to a 40th birthday party that is an 80’s costume party. That’s where Joan Cusack came into the conversation. All of us 80’s dorks would totally recognize that costume!

    Lazy Mom Leslie’s last blog post..Topic of the Week is Parenting

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