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February 26, 2009

Flashback Fiday: What I Was Doing Years Ago: DRUMS

When I had kids and they all had penises, I figured that Bill would have them doing sporty things. I resolved that I would dedicate myself to making sure that each of them had a hobby he adored and could turn to when his knees had been replaced and his gut was lopping over his belt.

I began early, by buying cheap musical instruments and leaving them lying around.  I’d already discovered that boys screwed with anything in their path.  Why not sow the path with items I wanted them to find?

Finn’s first drum was actually made out of a pancake box and some string.  He wore it with pride in this picture from 2000:

finn drum 2000

(The training potty in the background demonstrates that  I was using the same “leave it around and boys will use it”  theory of potty training, which was a bust.)

We never listened to Barney or Disney music in the car.  I started the guys on the Beatles and Elvis and worked my way up through Blondie, Steely Dan and the Ramones, the history of rap, Johnny Cash, grunge, and everything else on my iPod.  When they got old enough to understand cusses, I had to cut out the Buzzcocks and Eminem and “My Humps“, but overall they got a solid foundation of a variety of musical styles.

A year later Finn progressed to a real drum.

boys music 2001

By then he knew that he needed to enlist his brothers in his musical journey and they were happy to oblige.  Drew gravitated to the guitar while Porter would happily play anything, including kazoo.  I banned the kazoo after an hour.

In 2003 Finn had just turned eight.  Santa brought him the coolest tiny drum set ever.  He banged on it all day and begged for lessons.

finn drums xmas 03

He’s now gone through five years of lessons and a set of drums from the pawn shop. After his third year of lessons we decided to invest in the drums you see here. For Christmas and his birthday he asks for a new cymbal or a double bass pedal or some other addition. Apparently drums and their accessories can expand until they engulf your entire basement, leaving only enough room for your family to huddle in the corner when the tornado sirens blare.

Here’s a snippet of what I hear every afternoon.

Finn Drums from anneglamore on Vimeo.

I can sleep through gutbusting jam sessions like this. I think that makes me mom of the year.

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19 Responses to “Flashback Fiday: What I Was Doing Years Ago: DRUMS”

  1. My question is, how do you hear the tornado sirens with all that drumming going on?

    Sir Nottaguy-Imadad’s last blog post..Brooks & Dunn going their separate ways

  2. Love your blog and love the excuse to look back through old pictures!

    pendy’s last blog post..Anticipation

  3. This is why God gave me mostly girls. Love Friday Flashback! Janie

  4. I think this makes you Mom Of The Year, too!! Ha ha. Well, at least he’s good – it could be worse. Thanks for kicking off Flashback Fridays – they’ve been a lot of fun. 🙂

    Kim (Observations of an Earthroamer)’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: My house in England

  5. You are definitely mom of the year!!!

  6. I understand completely. My husband is 57 years old, we have 3 sets of drums in our basement, and every night of my freaking life, I have to listen to a drum concert.

    His wife will thank you!


    Melinda’s last blog post..More kitchen pictures

  7. Hey, he’s pretty good! Making sure all your kids have solid fallback hobbies is a great idea.

  8. That’s so cool! My brother was into the guitar, and always asked for accessories for holidays too. He’s now 39 and plays all the time, and still sings too…he would still be in a band if he had time! T plays the sax, and Alex is wanting a flute but T told him that it’s a girl instrument…ha!

    baseballmom’s last blog post..I’m goin’

  9. My daughter loves drums too although lately she’s been keenly interested in the trumpet, flute and violin.

    Great post. Love the pancake box drum.

  10. I was going to get the kids drums for Christmas last year but was told I couldn’t. I think I will get them anyway!!

    Marissa’s last blog post..Flashback Friday; What I Was Doing 9 1/2 Years Ago

  11. Mom of the year is right!
    My 4 year old has been through 2 First Act sets and just got an electronic set (with headphones) for Christmas. He plays his heart out and to us it just sounds like he’s playing on a practice pad.

  12. Finn is going to LOVE you for posting so many pictures of him without pants!

    I watched the video because I know it’s going to be my future. While I was watching, my 3 yo son ran in and watched with a big smile on his face. When it was over he said, “I wanna watch that again!”

    Alison’s last blog post..Lost (in a Book)

  13. My sympathy to you and your neighbors.

  14. oh goodness…my almost 3 year old has a mini drum set, is that big one in the future? i think i will have to invest in advil and earphones.

    wakeforestmama’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: What I was doing 4, 3, 2, 1 year(s) ago

  15. I am married to a drummer and he is already introducing EC to the drumming world. He can also play about any instrument that he picks up and has a beautiful singing voice. He is trying to introduce EC to all the music that he can and I have a feeling that it is starting to work. Whenever EC is throwing a fit, Birddog can put on a concert DVD and the kid stares at the TV with his mouth hanging open. Forget Disney, my kid watches The Alman Brothers! LOL!

    Thank goodness because I can’t tune the radio, have no rythem and sing like a cat in heat.

    Ladybird’s last blog post..Great-Grandma Betty

  16. Hey that’s what I was doing years ago too. My ex-husband is a drummer. As a result, I know every single Rush song up through their Presto album (when I left him…lol). As with many drummers, my ex thinks that Neil Pert of Rush is the best drummer in the world.

    And yes, the drums et al will completely take over every available square inch!

  17. Love the drums! Would you have started it if you’d known :)? I was a little late, but got my Flashback Friday post up today.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: What I was Doing 6 Years Ago

  18. LOL, my son was always only half dressed or barely dressed. He shed his clothes as soon as he got home from school and we always laugh at those pics.

    We had a piano. They didn’t make it past Swans on the Lake, so our only headache was trying to make them practice. After however many years of listening to Swans on the Lake we gave up.

    rainbowcreek’s last blog post..Flashback Friday – 29 Year Ago

  19. My son plays his drums (and piano) and the neighbors love to hear the drumming, truly. However, we make sure that it happens way before anyone’s bedtime hour.

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