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March 26, 2009

Flashback Friday: OOPS!

Well, I certainly had my share of pictures to choose from in addressing this week’s theme.  In the end, I looked back at the year 1999 when it seemed like the boys were everywhere they weren’t supposed to be,

like playing in the potty. One minute Drew and Porter were fine, sitting on the floor eating dog food, and the next moment I heard a lot of flushing from the kitchen bathroom. Drew discovered the toilet first, then summoned Porter, who was reluctant to leave his snack. Once he and Blue Bunny ambled over, they agreed that the combination of swirly water and my hysterics were fine entertainment.

A couple of years later when we had our septic tank pumped, the Pickles (they have a monopoly on all the septic tank work around here) were amused to find not only the usual sludge, but also an assortment of Legos, dominoes and marbles in the tank.  They also removed several pieces of heavy paper.  I bet that if that hot Danny Messer from CSY:NY had been here to analyze those shards under the mass spec,  he would have identified them as Finn’s missing baseball cards.

I like to take pictures that will remind me when I’m a grandmother (assuming the sex talk has been successful) that raising children was hard and messy. Here’s one of Porter.


I told Porter not to run down the driveway but toddlers ignore you– it’s to prepare you for when they are teenagers. His nose took ages to heal, but Blue Bunny was with him every moment.

I wasn’t as talented at taking OOPS pictures when Finn was small.  However, he did show a great affinity for cross-dressing which caused my father-in-law no end of distress.

I thought the bracelets added an especially stylish touch.


Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes about my back.  As I told Finn earlier, I really shouldn’t complain.  Anyone with this amount of hardware in her body ought to be hurting a lot more than I do, and I have far more good days than bad.

The MRI didn’t give us a clear diagnosis but I’ve been to physical therapy where Jon, who saw me through rehab after my 2004 surgery, attacked my problem with enthusiasm.  He began by shoving his hand under my scapula and forcing me to turn my neck 270 degrees to the right,and followed that move with other contortions.

The session was quite successful in that it was so painful that I left feeling like maybe I didn’t hurt so bad after all, because Jon certainly proved that I could hurt much worse.

Additionally, it’s a sunny afternoon, we have about 24 hours before tornadoes come through, and I have a decent stock of Tanqueray, tonic and limes.   I believe I’ll pull out an unbroken wedding glass and toast the rest of my body for hanging in there.


Join in with your Flashback Friday OOPS picture(s)! Instructions are here!

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9 Responses to “Flashback Friday: OOPS!”

  1. Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

  2. I always heard that when you hear the toilet flush and hear “oh, oh” it’s not a good sign. Our kids didn’t play in the toilet much, but we did catch them washing off in it once. They, and a couple of friends, had gotten very muddy. they were afraid that if they washed off in the sink or tub, that they wouldn’t be able to get it clean. Wash in the toilet, and you flush the mess.

  3. What is it with toddlers and dog food?!

    The first time I was “on-call” for my company I was on the phone with the answering service while my oldest, then 2 years old, happily fed it to our VCR.

    Wish I had a picture of that.

    Joy East of theKingdom’s last blog post..Making the most of second chances

  4. I’m sure all this rain isn’t helping your pain, I know my knees are killing me!

    Sit back, and relax. Try to have a good weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

    Here’s to sunny warm weather!


    Melinda’s last blog post..Raising the porch swing to new heights!

  5. Oy. Somedays I feel like my whole life is an Oops! LOL!

    jen’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: Oops!

  6. The potty is a favorite repository at our house as well. Praying your back pains ease some.

    Brandy Poole’s last blog post..Sad days

  7. So cute! My middle son has a blue bunny that went everywhere with him! Now my youngest son has a blue moose that he’s in love with. I really enjoy the flashback posts!

  8. When my brother was little, his fascination with the toilet led him to flush my mother’s purse down the toilet. The day after she had been paid at work. And you were paid in cash in those days. She wasn’t very happy.

  9. Cute Cute Cute- Love the Blue Bunny, (My brother, a CFO at work) would kill me if he read this, but he had a teddy bear named Handkerchief Kerchoo!

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