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April 23, 2009

This Is The End

I’ve decided to stop blogging. It’s been a wonderful four years and I appreciate each and every one of you who has made time to stop by and laugh and cry with me.


Anne Glamore

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160 Responses to “This Is The End”

  1. I very rarely comment, but I have to let you know that your blog was one of the few that had in my Google Reader. I also have 3 boys & loved reading about your family & what to expect when they get a little older. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us & I pray God blesses your family.

  2. I check back almost every day. Years long reader, first(?) time commenter. I was just reminded of your “It’s Natural” post and was wondering if I should copy it. My son learned to tie his shoes from the internet; I may be needing some assistance soon with “The Talk”. Miss your posts. Praying with you.

  3. NO! NO! NO! YOU CAN’T GO! What will my Saturday mornings be filled with now? I guess it’ll be HGTV, Rocks in My Dryer, Antique Mommy, Slurping Life, pleadings and discovery.

    Enjoy your CLE. I’ll be getting some edjumacashun in July to pacify the State Bar of Texas for another 12 months.

    Keep the tweets up and I’ll be praying for you and missing your razor sharp wit and hilarious stories of raising boys. I definitely want to save some of your topics because my son turned 13 yesterday.

    Love you and wish you the very best!

  4. I just have to add that I’m being a titty-baby because I keep checking back to see if you’ve changed your mind, and feel I’ve lost my secret BFF whom gave me the greatest advice and excellent recipes while making me LMAO.

    If you ever get to the piney woods in East Texas, the margaritas and mexican food are on me!

    I sure hope you are working on a book. Your writing is obviously what so many smart women need to brighten their days and keep them in perspective.

    Feel better. You have made a big difference in my life by changing my perspective. Thank you!

  5. I’m sad to see you won’t be blogging anymore. You’re blog was always funny and entertaining. But take care, and maybe we’ll see you on teh interwebs again.

  6. OH hon. I just figured out why I hadn’t read anything for awhile. I was out of town at this time and came home and deleted my whole reader. Totally missed this until now. 🙁
    I’m so sorry you’ve left. I know so much of your life was poking you in the side…back, actually. I will miss reading about your boys; you gave me such hope that I’d be able to raise my boys well while keeping my sanity.
    Take care, babe. Hope you get to feeling better soon. You deserve it. Best to you and your family.

    jen’s last blog post..Summer Stock Sunday

  7. You are sorely missed, but I totally respect your decision. Long live the Queen of the Tiny Kingdom!

    Ladybird’s last blog post..Month Nine

  8. I’m stunned. I feel like I’ve just lost a friend. I’ll miss you and am wishing you good things.

    Be well!

  9. Just popping by to tell you I’m missing you.

  10. And popping BACK by to say that I just realized you have a Twitter account. All is now right with the world.

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