Boys: Demented & Dangerous

They Didn’t Analyze The Men So I Will

I’m tired of studies scrutinizing every action women take while raising their children, without giving equal time to the men.

Jenn linked to an article about a study that purported to be able to identify mothers at a greater risk for depression based on the way they cradle their babies. Like many such studies, the “scientists” looked only at mothers.

I’ve conducted my own research on the way fathers hold their children and what their body language conveys in various situations:

I’m holding you by your twig and berries to confirm that you aren’t a sissy ’cause all this crying is making me wonder
I refuse to hold you in my arms and cuddle you ’cause you kept me up all night with your damn wailing
I have discovered the essential element of child rearing and its name is chianti
Or a brewski and Mexican food will do
Business before babies, and “business” is to be broadly interpreted
Although the football game does not begin for 7 hours, I must mentally prepare myself now