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A while ago I was looking back at old posts, and I realized I have lots of hilarious old stories and photos back in the archives.  I even have unblogged tales (horrors!)  that I haven’t thought about in years. The specific post I was reading was Remembrance of Things Past, which marks the only time I’ve set our life to poetry with accompanying photographs.

Of course, when the twins were covered in blue yogurt I didn’t have the time or the technical know how to blog our adventures, which is how I hatched the idea of hosting Flashback Friday– a chance for you to look back through your pictures or old posts and post one on your blog with a short sentence or two explaining what was going on way back when.  Hey, if you want to tell a whole story, go for it. You can flash back a week or a century, to the time before blogs existed – it’s up to you.

Here’s how it works– I’ll set a theme for each week, and on Thursday night I’ll post my Flashback Friday post.  There will be a Mr. Linky so you can add your name and the URL of the post containing your photo and/or story, and we’ll end up with a list of Flashback Friday participants right here at My Tiny Kingdom.

Here are some things to remember:

A.  Feel free to join in!  No need to ask permission. Read up on blogging carnivals here if you want.

B.   Put your name and a SHORT description of your photo or story in the “Name” box, and the URL of your Flashback Friday post, not the main page of your blog, in the “URL” box. Example:

Anne Glamore (Wild & Crazy Times)

C.  Please mention “Flashback Friday” in your post and link back to My Tiny Kingdom in your post.

D.  If there are technical things you do not know how to do, please use Google or the help forums with your blogging platform to figure them out before you email me.   (Example: Google “How do I upload an image in a WordPress blog?” or “How do I link to another site?”)  I am a terrible technological teacher, as I figured out these things on my own and am probably not doing half of them correctly.  I’m a step ahead of John McCain, computer-wise, but that ain’t saying much.  Melanie at Blogging Basics has good information.  For example, “What is a permalink” is here.

I suppose if a jillion of you email me with the same question I’ll start some FAQ’s.

E.  No pornographic pictures, please.  I reserve the right to delete links to obscene photos, and I will use Justice Stewart’s  “I know it when I see it” test.  Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964). (I rarely get to cite cases on my blog.)

Here are the upcoming themes: (interpret as broadly as you wish)

January 16: Feeling Red, White & Blue

January 23: This Makes Me Giggle

January 30: Free For All

February 6: Remember It’s Inner Beauty That Counts

February 13: Love, Look at The 2 Of Us

February 20: Free For All

February 27: What I Was Doing X Years Ago, Where “X” = Any Positive Integer

March 6:  Snow

March 13:  Free For All


March 27:  Oops!

April 3: There Once Was…

April 10:  Free For All

April 17: The Letter R

April 24: Warm Thoughts

If you have ideas for upcoming themes, email me or leave them in the comments.  If you can think of a group of bloggers who’d be way into this (scrapbookers? genealogists?) let them know about the project, too.  Tweet, promote on your blog, etc.  I hope this is fun for everyone!

Can’t wait to see how you interpret “Feeling Red White & Blue!”


FOUR years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Fish.   Talk about a flashback – this is maybe the 4th post I ever wrote!


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