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Miracles Do Happen

Every spring my thoughts turn to gin and tonic. The drinks are even lovelier served in these glasses, which Aunt Lulu gave me for a wedding present over fifteen years ago. She bought them at a store in Nashville and I have looked everywhere for others to add to the collection.


They make the gin smoother, the ice colder, the tonic fizzier, and the lime looks gorgeous against the colors of the glasses. The indentations make them easy to carry around.

Miraculously, although the boys have been unloading the dishes from the dishwasher for years now, and I have only one everyday dinner plate left from those wedding days, all four of these have managed to survive unmolested.

Do you have a favorite wedding survival story?


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  • Loth

    Mmm, no, but I do have a favourite gin – Hendricks Cucumber gin – made just an hour or so from where I live and deeply yummy.

  • Jessica

    I received my everyday set from my father-in-law and his wife. They chose the pattern I did not. I had just registered for my fine china and my mother said I could just purchase my everyday with wedding money. My future husband said that if I didn’t like it I could return it and they said so. I told him no don’t say anything well…. he did and I have been the most ungrateful daughter-in-law for almost 18 years. I had one plate bread recently and I was surprised. It has been the most resiliant dinnerware and it is still not my favorite.

  • Catherine

    Do I count as survival? My Southern Baptist FIL married us in Mobile in August years ago. We provided our vows. He claimed to have rehearsed them but reverted to traditional church vows half way through. He screwed up the rings. Thankfully we were only married in front of family. And the reception? Cocktail weenies in sauce and cake. No booze. Dry party. Which is fine since I was pregnant. Hoo-boy did they love that announcement.

    So, maybe not so much me but my relationship with my MIL. It has survived. Somehow.

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  • Susan

    I still wear my original rings. And we still have the original coffee pot given as a gift. My mother in law made a quilt that was on our bed for years and eventually the thread gave way in spots & now it is on the floor beside the bed & the dogs sleep on it. This is 27 years later. Also have a towel that I keep on my hubby’s dresser to keep the dresser from getting scratched.

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