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Exhausted Mom Seeks Validation

I have not cooked a meal in over a week.

I took the boys to the library only after listening to hours of begging, and have subsequently refused to read the twins any books out loud. I told them just to look at the pictures.

I have let the boys wander about the neighborhood and everywhere else without making sure they have brushed their teeth or hair.

I have relaxed my usual media standards and have used the computer and TV as babysitters over the past few days.

I have become short-tempered and snappish.

Last night I prayed, “Dear Lord, please help me keep these children alive just one more day.”

Here is the one visible thing I have accomplished.

Figure 1: Target shirt with lake sand, cricket, worm and fish guts, algae from previously submerged chair, red popsicle, miscellaneous stains.


Figure 2: Target shirt after application of Shout and wash in hot water with Tide and Oxy-Clean:


Please validate my laundering skill. It’s the only thing I’m proud of right now.