Welcome to my blog. Actually, now that I’m 41 it’s 2018 none of my friends know remember what a blog is, so I just tell them I write a column on the internet. So, welcome to my internet column. I’ve tried to make the font crisp and clear in case your eyes are getting as bad as mine are.

I started writing here in January 2005. No one knew what a blog was then, so I mainly wrote to entertain myself and my cool LA friend so he could read about my adventures raising 3 boys. He was living a decidedly more glamorous life even then, and soon went on to do even cooler things, like write for The Office.


I’d been writing about six months when I was approached by a new female-focused website, ivillage.com, to blog for them. Deb at Smitten Kitchen was another of the 5 original bloggers. I was in good company, yes? iVillage grew, drawing 15 million visitors a month when it was purchased by NBC, folded into Today.com, and imploded. Fortunately, I had escaped before the merger and resumed putting out 2 columns a week here.

I’ve also written for magazines, including Lipstick and Portico, and contributed to a collection of essays about mothering.

CHECK LINK Here is an interview I did in January 2008.  Read it to find out more about why I blog and what I’ve learned.

I write about my boys, Finn (12), Drew and Porter (9) Y’all, hold onto your seats. They are now 22, 20 and 20 and have man-hair everywhere they’re supposed to (I think). I’ve dealt with sex, drugs, condoms, consent, respect for women, porn, and I have hardly gotten started. Obviously, we have a lot to catch up on since my hiatus.

I also write about my marriage to my husband, Bill, who is blessed with infinite patience, amazing good looks and an obsession with triathlons, which is fine by me because he wears tight outfits when he trains for them tennis, swimming and his bird dogs, Rexie Boy and Shirley Mae. He is still smoking hot and looks years younger than his actual age, which can make me feel like Cher at times, but he’s worth it. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary.

PIC DOGS< TRIP You'll find a little information about and my eventful medical history, which includes surgeries for scoliosis, treatment for hepatitis C and constant screening for ovarian cancer since my mom's sudden death from that disease in October 2005. I also post book reviews from time to time. I spend lots of time cooking and there are delicious recipes strewn about the site as well. Actually, once the boys left and we downsized, I decided it was Bill’s turn to handle the cooking, and he has done a masterful job. The boys cook dinner when they are home. We recently put in an Ikea kitchen and we are all loving the way it looks and works.

I’ll also be writing about all the juicy new topics I encountered during the boys’ teenage years. We haven’t had to post bail for anyone, but besides that, I can’t think of much I haven’t dealt with. From weed and making out to Asperger’s and dealing with narcissism, been there, done that, had the T shirt, and donated it to Goodwill.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you find a topic you are interested in, you can click the tag at the top of the post (such as “Let’s Eat” or “Scoliosis”) to read all the posts on that topic.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I will try to answer them as time allows.

You can reach me at anneglamoreATgmailDOTcom.

42 Things About Me (Amended 2018)

1. My guilty pleasure is watching music videos on VH1 in the morning while I unload the dishwasher. Not sure where music videos went, but I can’t find them, except on YouTube. Have you rewatched “Mad About You” by Belinda Carlisle lately? It will remind you why the 80s rocked.

2. “Little House on the Prairie” re-runs make me cry. no matter what time of the month it is. So I guess it was inevitable, but I had my ovaries removed, so I have no idea what time of the month it is and I don’t miss tampons at all. I LOVE my hormone pill and I think it enhances my sex life.

3. I was born and raised in Alabama.

4. I have a stellar sense of smell. That’s not always an advantage in a house full of males.

5. I got hepatitis C from a blood transfusion I received during surgery for scoliosis in the 80’s.

6. When one of my boys can’t find something and asks me for help, I always sing U2″s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” while I drag him through the house and show him it’s exactly where I told him it would be.

7. My husband and I do not have a TV in our bedroom. I’ve never seen “Law and Order” or “CSI.” (I just started watching re-runs of CSI-Miami and have the hots for Eric Delko.) I watched the whole thing!

8. I would describe myself as a strong Christian and pretty liberal compared to most people in town. 2018: I feel better when I concentrate on spirituality and grace instead of organized religion. I’m horrified by what some “Christians” have done, said, excused, and accepted lately. I believe in grace and forgiveness and acceptance for everyone, regardless of your skin, where you came from, your gender identity, where you go to the bathroom, or who you marry or live with. I better stop now before I get all fired up.

9. I began practicing law in 1992. I got married in 1993. I had my first son in 1995. His twin brothers arrived in 1998.

10. I do not wish I had a girl.

11. I am well-organized and have a to-do list for every day. I alphabetize my spices. Lots of spices start with “C.”

12. When I gave birth to my first son and they handed him to me, I didn’t recognize him and he did not feel familiar. He was not cute. He was shriveled and red. I thought, “Dang, I can’t believe I went through all of this and I’m not even sure I LIKE this kid. Now I have to take care of him for 18 years unless he runs away.”

13. I love him and his two brothers like crazy, even when they make me so mad I could spit.

14. I clearly remember the first time I saw my husband. It was the fall of 1985 and I thought he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. I still do.

15. I got an iPod for Christmas and I love it. I have 3321 songs on it right now. 2018 – I still have that iPod and it represents the last time I fully understood how to work music. I don’t understand how to make a playlist on Spotify and what do I do with all those songs I purchased and downloaded back in the day?

16. I have a thing for Jelly Bellies. Only the fruity kind, not the weird stuff like Buttered Popcorn.  But Brach’s jelly beans are my absolute favorite.

17. My parents and my husband’s parents both got married on December 28, 1963. They both honeymooned in New Orleans. While they were there, New Orleans had a rare snowfall. Each couple visited Pat O’Brien’s, a local bar, and got a picture taken in the snowy courtyard. Odds are, they were there on the same night.

18. Public speaking does not bother me at all.

19. I am 5’4″. I have very small bosoms and very big feet.

20. I hated Eminem on principle until I listened to him. Then I decided that while he can be offensive, he is very talented. 2018: These days I’m just trying to see all my favorite musicians in concert before they die.

21. I like to Jazzercise.

22. I am an apostrophe freak.

23. I always break chain letters and emails, even if I will die a violent death, miss out on a fortune, or ruin a child’s school project. In related news, I have never won the lottery.

24. I have planned my funeral and marked it with a red sticky tab in my journal. 2018: I have since redone it several times. It seems more urgent these days.

25. I have been known to exaggerate the truth for the sake of a good story.

26. Even though I have had lots of medical problems, from the outside, I look perfectly healthy.

27. If I had to pick the most beautiful piece of art in the world, I’d pick Michelangelo’s Pieta.

28. Other than that, however, I generally prefer modern art.

29. I usually assume I am smarter than most people.

30. In 5th grade, I wore glasses, braces and a back brace. This didn’t prevent the hottest guy in class from sending me a note that read: “Will you go with me? Check yes or no.” I was new to the school and didn’t know where he wanted to go. Being the cautious type, I checked “no.”

31. I am a big music fan. In contrast, my husband owned only one cassette tape when we got married, and someone had left it in the back of his car.

32. I read the local newspaper everyday and Time, US Weekly, The New Yorker and the Sunday New York Times every week. Today I rely on Feedly on my iPad mini for most of my news.

33. I have two sisters. I don’t have any first cousins.

34. In January 2004 I went to NYC to have major spine surgery. I had developed “flatback” as a result of my first scoliosis surgery.

35. I drank my first beer in 8th grade at a Pat Benatar concert.

36. I don’t like beer.

37. I took my husband’s last name… on our tenth anniversary.

38. Most people who meet me for the first time ask, “So, do twins run in your family?” This used to drive me bonkers. Now I answer,”Yes, they do– I can’t get them to slow down!” and then I change the subject.

39. I am all for a bargain, but I believe name brand garbage bags are worth it.

40. I dress my boys in dark colors so the stains don’t show as much.

41. I hate the smell of microwave popcorn.

42. “Anne Glamore” is not my real name.

You can contact me at anneglamoreATgmailDOTcom