Let's Eat: Meals and Recipes

Was It Good For You?

I gave you my heart, my soul, and my recipes for a week of family-friendly meals.  Some of you have shared yours, too, or pointed me to sites such as this one that let people share recipes.

It’s time for feedback so I can decide whether to make the menu a regular feature.

Are you a convert to planning ahead and trying to buy everything for the week?

How were the recipes?  Too intensive?  Can you handle more ethnic food?

General thoughts?

And of course, if you have recipes you think would be perfect for this project, please send them on.  I’ll test them and include them if this becomes a habit.

If someone could think up a fabulous name for this feature that would be nice.  My brain is tired.

Happy Labor Day weekend.  Although I may post again– parenting has presented OBSTACLES the size of Mount Rushmore this week.

In happier news (depending on your viewpoint), Bingo 3 still lives.


  • MoMMY

    Keep it up! Love the ethnic food. Oh, and I made the pork lo mein last night. Big hit once the gagging stopped over the snow peas. Will be making again, possibly with mini corn on the cobs instead of any pea like vegetables.

  • Noah Oliphant

    The recipes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them and thanks doubly for the mention of my site above.

    It’s not terribly clever but you might consider:

    My Tiny Cookbook

    Alliteration is fun.

  • Barbara

    I haven’t had a chance to try any of the meals, but I would like to see more.

    My suggestion for a title:
    “Meals to Feed a Kingdom”

    My girls are, sadly, not adventurous eaters, but in my view, variety is the spice of life!

  • Christine

    The recipes were fantastic Ann.
    I usually menu plan for the week and it was so nice not to have to rack my brain to come up with different ideas. I`ll look out some of my tried and tested recipes and I`ll send them in. Love Christine

  • Ash

    Cooking, planning meals ahead, recipes? What are these strange things who consistently speak of?
    Does Burger king or McDonald’s sell them? Haha woman, I come here for giggles.

  • Jeni

    I was going to try the bulgogi this weekend, but we’ve had too much drama over here for the past few days, so it’ll have to wait until after the baby comes. I’ll let you know how it turns out, though!

  • mamalang

    I love the recipe ideas…and the title Meals to Feed a Kingdom is very cute.

    I don’t remember ever being here before yesterday, but I love your blog. I have to tell you, after over 5 years as a true soccer mom, I just learned what offsides was last year…and we have a very good friend who is a soccer ref that had to explain it to me. I love the purse description.

  • mamalang

    Forgot to add. I plan my meals for 2 full weeks…and I still plan every meal, even knowing we aren’t going to eat all of them, because I make my grocery list off of it. I onnly by staples like bread and milk on the off week. I’m very type A when it comes to cooking 🙂

  • lynn

    I printed them out to try, and I will, but this week was too hectic. One thing, I’ll be altering the recipes to fit our kosher-style diet. How do you think the lo mein would be with chicken or beef instead of pork? And not sure what to substitute for prosciutto, but this is a lot like pasta dishes that I already make, just with more veggies and no meat.* I’m the most excited about the bulgobi – yum! Thank you for the details like what kind of beef to buy and how you slice it.

    * My recommendation for pasta and veggie dinner recipes is the book Pasta e Verdura, by Jack Bishop. We use it a ton. And you could always throw some meat in there too, if you wanted.

  • momumo

    we don’t keep kosher but we do follow a restrictive diet during certain observances (but being part Italian, eat a lot of prosciutto in recipes) – I generally just skip those recipes that call for prosciutto during these times, or leave the prosciutto out – for example I have a family favorite chicken recipe and we just have it without prosciutto (or cheese) – they kids think it is Chicken in the Yellow pan instead of Chicken in the red pan – oh I change the vegetable from Brocolli to Asparagus so I guess it is pretty different, but it isn’t it’s just me selling it to the kids without the pork. Anyhow… I have heard that there is a ‘beef prosciutto’ – I haven’t spent a lot of time looking for it, but you might try at a upper end deli?

  • Susu

    We, too, have had a lot of drama over here, with the 12 year old son crying because it was raining and he had too much homework to go outside. He had somehow misplaced his toothbrush and a spare was not to be found, so he gagged aloud as he borrowed his dad’s toothbrush. Will replace all today, even though I did find his wrapped up in the laundry basket in a wet towel – Anne, you’d have a time finding it in all of your baskets!!

    As Richard Davis on “Real Estate Pros” says, “Leave the drama for your mama”, which I guess my son has done.

    Hope your weekend is good and will try a recipe this week, as my husband will not be working all night for a few weeks.

  • Linda

    Loved the chicken and pasta dish. We’ll have that one again for sure. Haven’t had a chance to cook the others yet but I’ve printed them. Thanks for the recipes…please keep them coming!

  • Margaret

    I thought the recipes were great! I want to try the pork lo mein next week. I love the idea of a menu/recipe exchange. I like to double recipes, so you can eat leftovers and only cook half as often.

  • Laura

    Keep the receipes coming! My 5 year old was not a fan of the Pork Lo Mein but she has food touching issues as mentioned before but everyone else loved it.

    Any ideas on school lunches?

    What about
    “Knightly Dinners at our Round Table”

    a nod to all your boys and classic literature.

  • Karin

    I have not made a weekly plan, but I keep a large bag of skinless, boneless chicken breast in my freezer at all times.(large bags are sold at Costco and Sam’s) I try to have fresh garlic, bell peppers, cans of diced tomatoes and a piece of parmegiano-reggiano cheese to make an Italian dinner fast. Of your recipes,so far I have made the pork lo mein and it was fantastic. I probably added more red pepper flakes because we love spicy in our house. Last night I used leftover roast beef for this dish and it was equally delicious. Instead of snow peas, I used broccoli florets with the beef. I am planning to try the others soon. I love getting new recipes, because I get bored with my old ones. Thanks Anne! Any of these suggested names sound good.

  • Laura

    Wish I could say I’d done it- but I the start of school kicked my hiney and I barely managed to get *anything* into my kids. (We actually sank into the pit of cereal for dinner on one occasion…) Maybe next week? Thanks for the ideas, though- and keep them coming!

  • Kim

    I never leave a comment but the bulgogi was excellent and so fast and easy! Kids and husband devoured and have asked for it again next week. I had a feeling alot of people in the tiny kingdom were trying your recipes – got the last ginger at Publix! Thanks.

  • Jen

    The chicken piccata recipe was great! My bf is big on chicken (only boneless skinless breasts ie: the pricey stuff!) and it gets old after a while, so finding a new recipe that Mr. Picky loves was amazing!!! I changed the pasta to angel hair (it’s the only pasta he likes- weird!) and he ate a ton of it all smiley and happy. HE EVEN ATE THE LEFTOVERS!!! Which really, says it all. Thanks, Anne!!! Please, keep sharing your recipes. We live in Alaksa with access to great seafood, so I’d love to try some of your fish recipes. I’ll have to dig out my personal cookbook to find some to share…

  • Jodi

    I failed miserably this week — opting instead to attempt home-made cassoulet that was supposed to taste just like what Frank Stitt turns out at Chez Fon Fon. Not even. And it completely solidified in the fridge, making the prospect of eating the leftovers grim. So this week I’m geared up for excellence, and hope you will continue posting your recipe plans. Maybe your first publishing project should be a busy mom’s cookbook with meal plans and hilarious commentary?

  • Katherine

    I tried the chicken piccata recipe and, as predicted, I got 3 yum’s and one “why can’t I have my chicken plain?”. I thought it was a bit too much work – I sometimes throw together something similar, but its never the same thing twice.

    I wanted to make the bowties with peas and proscuitto, but I couldn’t find any proscuitto – in Publix or Kroger. Do they hide it somewhere or am I just too far out in the boonies to get it?

    Bring on more ethnic recipes – 3 of the 4 of us love them!

  • Leah

    Have tried the Pork Lo Mein which we all loved (2 year-old included) and the Bowties w/ Peas and Proscuitto, which we found a little watery and bland, but will make again w/ modifications to our likings (the theme was right on target). Both were reasonably easy, which is the biggest thing for me. We have all the ingredients for the bulgoki-can’t wait to try it! I can’t thank you enough-help w/ meal planning is huge for me!! Do you use a crock pot much? Keep the recipes coming please!

  • Kristine

    I had no idea that other people didn’t do this. Every Sunday my husband and I sit down and talk about the plan for the week. We plan a menu for the nights we’re going to be home. We try to plan either for leftovers for lunches or what we need for our lunches. Occasionally things come up and we just send that meal to the next week when we plan.

    Crock pot recipes, if you have them, would be a godsend – it seems like every time I make one it comes out like a salt lick, and I can’t handle that.

  • Ericka

    I have made Bowties w/ Peas and Proscuitto since the first time it was posted. Everyone loves it. (My youngest daughter’s grandmother was amazed that a 4 year old can have any idea what proscuitto is.) I made the pork lo mein and it was a hit to. Please keep them coming.