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February 14, 2008

Albert Einstein Needs Love, Too


Valentine’s Box by Drew

Will you feed this hungry scientist with loving comments?


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Posted by Anne Glamore @ 8:40 am • Animal Stunts - Pets,Feeling Crotchety   

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15 Responses to “Albert Einstein Needs Love, Too”

  1. I bet that mustache would tickle.

    Sister Honey Bunch’s last blog post..OFFICE SPACE

  2. I actually had a Computer Science professor who looked like this!!

    No, really.

    Charlie on PA Tpk’s last blog post..Roger Clemens, HGH, Baseball, and the United States Congress

  3. That is really something! You can tell Drew really put some time & thought into the design. The teeth almost look real!

  4. Awesome! It’s a great likeness to Einstein, I think.

    Alison’s last blog post..Don’t Blame Me for My Musical Taste; I Grew Up in the ’90s

  5. That blows away any Valentine’s Day box I’ve seen!

  6. That’s the best V-Day box EVAH!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Things I Didn’t Buy at Meijer

  7. Your boys are so clever and creative!! That box is very cute and funny. Tell Drew I say good work!!

    Amanda’s last blog post..Valentine’s Day

  8. This is the coolest box EVER!

    Way to go Drew!!!

  9. That’s a box — and a boy — who deserve a bunch of Valentine’s!

    Betsy Bird’s last blog post..Bird Baths

  10. I lurve Albert! What an awesome box!

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..The Queen Is Schooled In How To Be P.C.

  11. Very clever and creative and well executed!

    Amy’s last blog post..My Funny Valentine

  12. Welcome to life with boys who NEVER do anything half-way, easy, or what everyone else is doing.

  13. Drew… you are my kind of guy!!!

  14. Well, if I was in his class I would certainly give him a Valentine. Who could resist Einstein?

    Shell’s last blog post..Mama

  15. […] One year ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Albert Einstein Needs Love, Too […]

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