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I’ve never hidden the fact that I originally began blogging as a way to discipline myself to write on a regular basis. My hope was that my writing would improve and I’d get some exposure. Maybe I’d even get published.

Three and a half years (and over 400 columns later) I can see some results. I wrote essays twice a week from October 2005 to October 2006 for iVillage. (Those essays are in the archives.) I’ve been writing columns for magazines, including the recently launched Lipstick magazine here in Birmingham. I’ve been asked to speak to groups about blogging and parenting.

Now I’m dancing on air. My essay “I Love You Like The Crazy You Drive Me” was chosen for inclusion in The Mothering Heights Manual for Motherhood Volume 1. In fact, my essay is the first essay in the book. This is strangely satisfying, because I’ve never been first anywhere else (except the fifth grade spelling bee, where I successfully spelled “linoleum” to seize the prize from my oldest friend).

The book is a collection of hilarious and poignant essays about motherhood. Amazon is taking pre-orders for the book, and if you’re local I have a few copies myself.

The Amazon site does not have any pictures, but I have taken a picture of the cover and my submission, in case you think I’m shitting you about this:



My essay starts with the time Finn messed with my laundry system, meanders into a Dolly Parton reference, and goes on to discuss fire, da Vinci, and sex.

When I turned it in I also mentioned Led Zeppelin, but this is the real deal and an editor got hold of it and used her red pen. While Dolly stayed, “Black Dog” had to go.

Here’s a review of the book. Bet you can’t guess the parakeet that’s mentioned.


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