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Defense Of The Dance

I’ve about had enough of the bad jokes. Yesterday I told my friend in South Carolina that I was stopping in Greenville on my way to pick up Drew from camp, and that I thought I’d find a Jazzercise class there so I could work out after the butt-numbing ride. She wrote:

Jazzercise? Are you serious? That is SO 80’s. I thought you were so much cooler than that, but I guess I was wrong. If you can’t find a class I might have an old VHS tape of a class hanging around here, but you’ll have to bring your own leg warmers.

Ha ha. I’d put my arms up against hers any day. I’ve been Jazzercising for eight years now, and my only complaints are that our current teacher has a fondness for playing “Freeze Frame” and that every teacher feels compelled to bring out “It’s Raining Men” every single time it rains. Other than that, though, we kickbox, dance, run, and generally sweat to cool music– they even added an Amy Winehouse arm routine.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The Jazzerladies were on the CBS Early show a few days ago, and I dare you to watch the video of these pulsating legs and locate a single legwarmer.

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  • charro

    I have been jazzing for about 26 years! I did wear the leg warmers and leotards but just like everything else, things change. It is still a great but fun way to exercise and dance. I will defend it with you !

  • Katherine

    I used to Jazzercise in college. All my friends who didn’t know me then
    (and my husband) make fun. But I loved it and I looked good. Around here all the classes seem to be during the day, so unless I skip work I can’t make it.

  • Jen

    I am a true Jazzercise fan. I started with my cousin 6 years ago, and now she’s an instructor and I am a class manager. The workout is tough! I think a lot of people hear Jazzercise and think 80’s, but as you’ve mentioned it’s so not. I like the new Amy Winehouse routine – although I am not able to do it much(expecting my fourth child in July, and still out there Jazzercising!)

  • amanda

    i know i’ve told you this before but i get such a kick out of your alligence to jazzercise. my mother has been teaching in North Jersey for almost 20 years!!! i am going to pass this post on to her. she loves seeing things like this.

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  • Karin

    Leg warmers used to be a “must” in my ballet classes, I loved them. They made my legs look special.

  • LoLo

    Whatever works! You are getting your exercise and look amazing because of it so jazzersize away! I’m recently pregnant with my 2nd child after 10 years and I have not been motivated to exercise at all. I know it’s importnat but I have no umph to get me going. Maybe after the 1st trimester is over I’ll find some energy again:) Hey, I have a question for you… How many years have you been sending Drew to camp and do the other boys ever go too? I’m sending my girl this year for her first ever sleep over camp 2 hours away and I’m thriled for her because I loved camp when I was little, but I’m also a little scared! Is the first year the hardest? And will I get through it without driving down there to check on her every day? Any helpful words to get me through that week?

    And PS – I loved my leg warmers!

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