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July 25, 2008

There’s This Book, And I’m in It…

I know you’re feeling warm and fuzzy inside.  Part of that (the warm) is because it’s summer, and I can’t explain the fuzzy.  Maybe you drank too much, or you french-kissed your cat.

At any rate, put those “Yes We Can!” feelings to good use.  Sunday (what’s that, the 29th?) we’re all going to buy a copy of this book from Amazon:The Mothering Heights Manual for Motherhood

The Mothering Heights Manual for Motherhood Volume 1

One of the special things about this book is that I have a story in it.  The first essay in fact!  The editor said that doesn’t mean anything, but I don’t believe that for a minute.  You wouldn’t start a book off with a sucky essay, would you?  You would not.

Anyway, when everyone buys the same book on the same day magic happens: the book climbs up the mysterious Amazon algorithm and becomes popular.  We all love to be popular.

You know what this book is good for?  It’s a great present to give expectant mothers at their baby showers.  The Manual of Motherhood plus a pack of Pampers and you’re golden.

If you know a couple who’s thinking about having children and you feel strongly that they should not procreate, you could buy this for them also.  The book contains true, scary stories that serve as powerful birth control.  (If said couple needs more persuasion, refer them to this blog, or my babysitters.)

This is the first book that I’ve been published in, and Lordy, I hope it isn’t the last.

One thing I learned, though, is that editors sometimes mess with your writing before they publish it.  For instance, my concluding paragraph was pure genius, and mentioned both Led Zeppelin and parakeets.  The editors liked the paragraph before it better, and chopped it.

So if you buy the book, email me and I’ll send you the ORIGINAL concluding paragraph absolutely free.

Now you and your cat can get back to whatever.

Y’all: Thanks for letting me know that the original link disappeared from my post! I tried again!


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Posted by Anne Glamore @ 6:34 pm • Book Reviews   

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10 Responses to “There’s This Book, And I’m in It…”

  1. Meeting you was honestly one of the highlights of my trip to SF. So, with the gushing aside … if I send you my copy and return postage will you autograph it? Also, your live traffic feed knows where I came from geographically but didn’t know it was *my* feed reader. How dare the googles not know who *I* am 🙂

    Catherine’s last blog post..Made-Up Haiku

  2. Fortunately, I have my copy already. I’ll snag a few to boost your much deserved popularity on Sunday though. I like the idea of using them as shower gifts. However, I’m a Huggies fan all the way. 🙂

  3. Oh, please send me the original conclusion. I loved your essay as is but I must know how it was meant to end. I can’t believe they do that. I thought the editing part happened and then the AUTHOR had final say. Shows what I know!

  4. I bought one a few months ago! I’ll have to go back and reread your essay because either I’m very naive or I’ve forgotten how it ends. I don’t remember shaking my head in disbelief after reading?!

    MamaD4’s last blog post..Coming up…

  5. Sounds great! Congratulations!

    mandy’s last blog post..Randomosity

  6. I’m fortunate to have a copy of the book which I hope is the first of many more to come. I’ve even passed it on to my granddaughter’s Mom and Dad.I’ll buy some copies tomorrow to shoot Anne’s ranking up the Amazon.

    lake lurker’s last blog post..There’s This Book, And I’m in It…

  7. Help the clueless! Which book?

    NES’s last blog post..Maxims

  8. Ok I could be extremely fuzzyheaded from all the cold medicine I’m consuming on a regular basis for the past week, but am I somehow missing the title of said book??

    Joanne’s last blog post..That’s one way to force me to mop the floor…

  9. Thanks, NES and Joanne, for letting me know that the original linnk to the book somehow disappeared. I’ve added it back in- text and image.

    Erin- I’ll send you the concluding para (and anyone else who wants it) when I get back from the beach.

    Twinsanity have already caught a crab and cooked it.

  10. Congratulations! That is really awesome!

    rimarama’s last blog post..Let Her Eat Stroganoff

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