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August 15, 2008

Just Wondering

cross eyed practice hat
Porter: “Mom, how would the world be different if baking soda and vinegar didn’t fizz up when they’re combined?”

I had no answer for this.  Your thoughts are welcome.

By the way, Porter has learned to fashion things out of balloons.  His “Cross-Eyed Training Hat” is pictured above.  He’s looking at the camera in this picture, but if he were actually training himself to be cross-eyed, he’d focus on the orange phallic balloon just in front of him.

He says it takes his average customer (Drew) about 30 seconds to learn to become cross-eyed using his technique.  Look for the Cross Eyed Training Hat in stores by Christmas!


Three years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: Crochety Mom

Posted by Anne Glamore @ 1:23 pm • Deep Thoughts,Inventions, Creations, Experiments   

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7 Responses to “Just Wondering”

  1. Let’s see…If baking soda and vinegar didn’t fizz, then they wouldn’t neutralize one another. Which would mean we’d have lots of acid and lots of basic stuff running around and no way to equalize it. I’m thinking catastrophic, world ending consequences here.

    As for the Cross-Eyed Training Hat…I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought it was rather, ummm, yes, well phallic says it best.

    Crisanne’s last blog post..where does the time go?

  2. Well, my brother the engineer might know more about the scientific aspect of it, but my mom-answer is that we moms would be cleaning up slightly fewer Mystery Messes.

    alala’s last blog post..teaching English abroad

  3. there would be one less home remedy for a clogged shower drain to try before having to call an actual plumber? maybe?

  4. Yes, my 8-year-old arrived home from space camp with several similar (yet not quite as elaborate) hats for each family member. Not sure what this has to do with learning more about space…

  5. You have a creative genius on your hands. And he looks stunning in orange.

    Susan’s last blog post..Ssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!!

  6. If vinegar and baking soda didn’t fizz, 3rd graders the world over would have nothing to make their paper mache’ volcanos “erupt” thus causing them to fail science.

    Balloon art is an untapped market! Sounds like Porter is trying to get in on the craze!Remind me later to send you the pic from the Miracle League’s World Series where a local artistic genius called “The Balloon Man” made The Little Mermaid completely from of balloons!

  7. My 5 year old wouldn’t want to help pre-treat the laundry anymore?

    Tari’s last blog post..Sunday Conversation

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