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December 13, 2008

Present Perfect

My article about the evolution of our traditional outing during which the boys purchase presents for each other is up at Lipstick magazine.  I’m so thankful the days of toddlers running amuck at the Dollar Store are over!


One year ago in My Tiny Kindom: Last Night, At The Band Concert (I did so much better this year.  Forewarned, we enjoyed the entire performance!)

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6 Responses to “Present Perfect”

  1. I loved this post! They are really learning about giving. Mr. Blue is really too young to understand but next year will be perfect to start my two giving to each other.

    Alison’s last blog post..Fantasy Living

  2. I enjoyed the article in Lipstick magazine, I haven’t been able to find them in stores.
    Good for you for finding a parking place at the concert this year. We didn’t so we missed the beg. band and jr high band, but got there in time to hear the MBHS symphonic band perform. The band had only one week to practice for the holiday concert due to the extended marching/football play offs season. (just in case you were not impressed).
    What a great idea of taking your sons shopping for each other!

  3. Really, really good article. If you aren’t already writing for bigger pubs, you need to start submitting now. Seriously. You’re good. Thanks for sharing.

    Email From The Embassy’s last blog post..Giving the Grandparents Something to Smile About…

  4. I love you, and I love the gift you are giving your boys. The joy in giving thoughtful presents and the skill to do so will serve them their whole lives.

  5. That was a great article. I read the next one under yours and have been disturbed by it all day. It makes me sad that she feels that way – I understand though how some people can alienate others through rudeness. I’ve decided to pray for her, that she would be witnessed to in a fashion that she can accept. Ya know? It’s good that you’re doing that for your boys. My husband’s family, too, had no concept of the joy of gift giving. They would buy things, let the kids play with them then wrap them up and act surprised on Christmas morning. ????What is up with that?

  6. Awww… that’s so sweet about your sons buying gifts for each other! You sure are raising them right.

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