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February 5, 2009

Flashback Friday: It’s The Inner Beauty That Counts

Drew and Porter brought home their class pictures yesterday.  Obviously I inspected my boys first to see how they’d fared in front of the harsh lens of the grade school photographer.  Porter was doing his shy chipmunk face and his mouth is chapped beyond his lips, giving him a clownish look.  Drew was sitting slumped to one side in a dirty shirt, with a solemn look on his face.  The modeling agencies weren’t going to be knocking on the Glamores’ door.

As I perused the rest of the kids, I realized that there are some ages that are plain awkward, and I was holding the proof in my hands.

I had a run of bad pictures myself.  Sixth grade was particularly hideous.  That was the year that my teeth, eyes and spine all betrayed me.  My bodily frailties converged, and I was forced to attend school wearing not only the questionable fashions of the late 70’s, but also braces, glasses and a back brace.   I was sort of like Joan Cusack (“Girl in Scoliosis Brace”)  in “Sixteen Candles” but without a stage mother or payment for my discomfort.


People always asked me about the brace, and no one knew what scoliosis was, so I struggled with what to tell them.  Not my mom.

“Just tell them you fell out of an airplane.  That’ll shut ’em up,” she said briskly.  So I did.  The answer stunned them long enough to give me plenty of time to walk away.

I had some really close friends then. They were able to see past all the metal and plastic, fortunately for me, or I would have been awfully lonely.

These pictures are from my birthday in 1979.


You can’t see the silver of the neck brace so much because my mom and I experimented with all sorts of ways to camouflage it. It’s covered in moleskin, which was fuzzy and pink, but a lot closer to the color of my skin than harsh metal.


I’ve edited out my best friend’s face. She doesn’t look nearly as bad as I do, but there could be some Advanced English students at the junior high who’d like to see a picture of their teacher when she was about twelve, and I’m not giving them the satisfaction.

I loved the two bunnies and named one Roquefort Coconuthead. But Lord – stuffed rabbits? These days I bet girls this age give each other sassy panties with writing on the back, glittery lipgloss or fake belly button rings. We were such nerds.


This picture with my sisters was evidently a big damn deal, because I only wore my contacts on special occasions.  Getting those hard contact lenses to stay on my pupil was a challenge. If there’s anything worse than a brace-face with a back brace, it’s that same girl rolling her eyeballs back in her head while she fishes around in her eye sockets for her lost contacts, which are somewhere between her forehead and her brain.


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January 11, 2009

Lots To See If You’re Quick

The boys kept yelling “frank ‘n’ beans!” when they were changing clothes while we were in New York last week.  Maybe they do this every time they pull down their pants at home, but if so, I don’t hear it amid the drumming, yelling and twittering of Feathers and Omelet.  In the minuscule apartment, however, the frequent outbursts were quite noticeable.

Eventually I realized that “frank ‘n’ beans” refers to a boy’s privates, and that shouting it serves as a warning not to look as the boy briefly exposes his genitals to put on what I hoped was a clean pair of underwear, not the pair that had toured Chinatown the day before.

I pretended not to know what they were yelling about.  It’s been a long time since I’ve wiped any butts or bathed anyone in the bathtub.  In the last couple of years all three boys, even Porter, have grown quite modest.  Honestly, I was quite curious as to how everyone was maturing down there, and I wanted to check out everyone’s frank and beans.  I figured that as the mom, if anyone was sporting signs of sauerkraut, I had the right to know.

At first the guys were fixated on whether their brothers were trying to see their manhood, but it didn’t take them long to notice me trying to sneak a peek.

“Mom! Frank ‘n’ beans means don’t look.  Give a guy some privacy.”

I found that hypocritical, as these same complainers have been known to track me to the bathroom to ask for lunch money.   As the least modest person in the universe, however, I haven’t let it get to me.

The next time I came out of the bathroom I yelled, “Two miniature fried eggs,” just before I ripped off my robe to slap on my bra.**

I can’t always be one of the boys, but I can try.


** Look at the FIRST cute bra I’ve been able to purchase for my tiny tits!
It’s a Wacoal Petite and Viola at Bloomingdales in NYC helped me. It was very expensive ($48) but so worth it for my ego. All my other bras are flat triangles with straps.


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June 5, 2008

Labeling Camp Clothes: Dull Chore Made Zany Fun

Drew leaves for camp tomorrow. He’ll be gone for three weeks. I don’t usually get terribly sentimental, but that moment when I drop him off can be pretty hard. Two years ago he looked like the last photo in this post and I got a little teary.

We all survived, however, and it’s hard to believe it’s time for camp again already.

The most heinous aspect of preparing for camp is the part where you set out all the camping equipment, shorts and pants, towels and underwear, and make sure it’s all clearly marked with your camper’s name. I’ve tried the iron on labels, but either I suck at ironing or the ones I bought were poorly made. They flaked off in the wash and that didn’t piss me off at all.

Now I stick to the “last name with a Sharpie” method and it works as well as anything.

I’ve never marked socks before, but Drew insisted he had a fabulous way to identify his socks, so I armed him with a Sharpie and let him have a go at it.


I bet he comes back with every single sock.

If you want a solution that’s less, um, artistic, a reader recommends Mabel’s Labels.
Two years ago in My Tiny Kingdom: The Tale of the Burning Buttocks


I submitted this as part of Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer. Thanks, Shannon!

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May 16, 2008

It’s Sweeping The Nation

Is your third-grader hanging a paper clip on his earlobe and wearing it all day at school? No? Well, then, I’m sorry to tell you that he is completely out of touch with the latest fashion craze, started by one of my own sons, Drew Glamore.

Drew has always been ahead of the latest trend, as you can see here:

No other three-year-old thought of wearing his cow-patterned pants every day until they evolved into cunning capris. Tres vogue!

Five years later, Drew still has his finger on the pulse of the latest fad. All you need for this style is a colored plastic paper clip:
preferably in a color that coordinates with your outfit.

Squeeze the paper clip on to your ear and voila! You’re ready for a day at school, and the ladies will be mighty impressed.


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December 15, 2007

An Experiment & Gift Ideas!

Yo home slice!

That’s the way Finn is greeting people these days. Is anyone else’s kid speaking indecipherable jargon? I mean, this goes way beyond being psyched, and it’s a ginormous buzz kill to interpret.

I’m experimenting with a new feature that should add the title of your latest blog post to your comment. Please comment and let’s see if it works or if the whole shebang crashes to bits. Thanks to Jennifer for this cool idea.

I don’t have to tell you that the holidays are upon us. I realized that I totally forgot to put up a guide for spouses, and I’m not going to do it now. Instead, you men who are floundering, get ye to the jewelry counter posthaste!

Before you go, check and see if your lover wears silver or gold. I say this only because MY lover once gave me a gift of silver jewelry, and while I acted appropriately grateful, inwardly I was miffed, as I never wear the stuff. It makes me look as if I might faint.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have lovers who wear both, in which case ignore the above.

Not willing to brave the traffic? In luck! Red Envelope has nice things at reasonable prices. Amazon and Overstock do as well. I was also impressed with JewelsForMe and I always love Bill Barnes.

Ladies, feel free to point your significant others to this page to make your wishes known. I’ll go ahead and number a few things I liked so you can put a sticky note on your monitor for even better hinting. Lord, do I make this easy on you or what??

1. Cool earrings

2. I’m not Mariah Carey, so I hate this butterfly thing, (I hate all jewelry with nature, babies, animals) but this gold locket is so romantic.

3. I’m about to trade in the long pearls my mom bought me in the 1983 for a Choker Length strand because a choker is less matronly and you can wear it casually or for a night out.

4. The threat of receiving an Auburn thong for Christmas led me to do a little research on birthstone jewelry. The whole baby doll on a chain with stone is not my cup of tea (see above) but there are lots of other options out there, such as this Sapphire and Diamond Circle Pendant or this beautiful Ruby pendant.

5. Actually, though, the place to go for any jewelry if you know what stone you want is JewelsForMe, where I saw a lovely opal bracelet, garnet earrings, and a peridot pendant. You can shop by stone, price, yellow or white gold, and type of jewelry on this easy to navigate site. It has jewelry in a range of prices.

6. I’m not totally against silver. It’s great for some people, and Overstock had fabulous examples. I thought these Mexican hoops were awesome.

7. I don’t know that this is a Christmas or Hanukkah gift. However, I’m a huge fan of the gift that keeps on giving, and by that I mean a gift that you can add to over the years. I mentioned adding to collections in one of my earlier gift guides.

This is new since I had kids but now men are evidently giving their wives a present each time they have a baby. My thought is RUN to the Bill Barnes website and look under “designers” at the Hidalgo rings. Don’t freak out – you’ll see lots of patriotic and nature designs at first – ye gods!

But if you click on “Hidalgo Guards” and “Bracelets” (no teddy bears for me, thanks!) and “Classic Styles,” you’ll see that Hidalgo is all about adding rings together, or a set of Moon and Stars bracelets, and you could add one piece each time you add a kid. And if you want to walk around with turtles on your finger, well go right ahead and suit yourself. I’ll be going Contemporary myself.

For all of you still looking for ideas:

My Gift Guide to Boy Toys

My Guide to Gifts for Teachers, Babies and Toddlers

My Guide for the Hard To Buy For

My Gift Ideas For Kids Who Have Sort Of Behaved

Leave a comment and see what happens, home slice!

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