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My Name Is Anne Glamore And I Am A Member Of Curmudgeons Anonymous

I rarely write about topics I consider too saccharine, and my last story about the notes the boys have left for the Tooth Fairy lately came mighty close to being cloying, in my opinion.

None of you seemed to think so.

This caused me to take a hard look at myself and the stories I write, and I realized that they are not necessarily happy and uplifting. Some are smelly. I’ve written depressing tales and I’ve related episodes in which I actively discouraged the boys from bringing other imaginary creatures that required work on my part into the house. I’m ashamed to say that this website even has sex and violence, often committed by me.

It would be fair to characterize me as a bit of a curmudgeon when I write. It’s no wonder that some readers have commented that they were not aware that there are pleasant aspects to childrearing, because more often than not I have made the process sound dreadful and cumbersome.

Therefore, I have resolved to try and bring more rainbows and butterflies to the page in the future to give a more balanced picture of parenthood and encourage procreation, which is always tremendous fun.

Exhibit 1: Finn Being Non-Argumentative and Quiet


Exhibit 2: Drew and Porter Being Still (Rare Photo)


I will be on the lookout for other evidence that raising children can be a peaceful and heartwarming experience, and will present them as they occur.


  • Christi

    Too funny! I think you can not deny that many, many people enjoy your blog and the stories you post, regardless of content. It’s fun to be a bit dry and sarcastic and it’s definitely makes for fun reading along with the sweet and simple. Please don’t change a thing.

    Committed Reader

  • bluepaintred

    ok wait just a darn minute here! Your storys FAR from make me think Parenting
    Sucks. They make me feel better about raising MY OWN boys. Cus you have the same battles we have with our kids. But sleeping boys photos are always welcome LOL.

  • Nohe 5

    I love your blog and I find it in no way depressing or down on parenting. I love the pictures of the boys sleeping. There is nothing more satisfying or quiet than a house full of happy, sleeping children.

  • Jenny A.

    The bad parts are much funnier than the heartwarming parts. And if you can laugh at your troubles, or make others laugh along with you, your problems aren’t so bad after all! Plus, I hate to think I am the only one having difficulty with kids—-now I have comrades!

  • Leeny

    I love your stories as they are! They are not overly depressing. They are in turns funny, hilarious, intriguing, somber – I even love the ones with a culinary bent, as when you posted your recent recipe for us. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  • ashley nance

    Don’t change a thing!!! It helps me realize that other households crazy like mine. It’s life. It’s not always pretty and tied with a bow; it can be messy and heartbreaking. Thanks for telling the truth about your family & feelings. Like you, my children are most obedient, quiet & still when they are asleep. Thanks for the laughs!!! ~ashley

  • Kelly

    Don’t edit the stories just to please your audience! Parenting can inspire lots of curmudgeonly thoughts. Embrace them and share them with us in amusing fashion! Then we know we’re not alone.

  • Shell

    Anne, you could write your grocery list on the back of a bank deposit slip and I would probably still find it interesting. 😉

    I am especially taken with the small panda on the couch. He looks very alert.

  • KLee

    I think your blog shows that people often have varying and differing moods. It’s true to life. And I don’t think that your last post was too saccharine — I think it was showing that you are a mom who loves her boys. Keep it up, just like it is.

    I do love the pics of the “quiet” boys, though. I joke that I have a couple of students that would STILL find a way to wiggle, even if you mummy-wrap/duct-taped them to a chair. It may only be a finertip, but they’d find SOMETHING to move! 🙂

  • Kristen

    Yep, I get similar comments – funny that we posted about this within the same week! But like you said in your comment to me, what you write is both more honest and more funny than glossing everything over with sweetness and light.

    I, for one, LOVE hearing about the boys’ (and your) antics. LOVE IT.